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Alogusz 30-05-2003 13:59

I was back on Nichya's website and they have links to some demos with Ivan, but the links don't work. Anyone dl those ?



And on these zip files you can find the vocals for Nichya.
Kinda cool.

QueenBee 30-05-2003 15:10

Wow.. I didnt notice those links on
Hope someone has them..

Thanks for the vocals (and the links aswell)

kompei77 30-05-2003 16:11




secreterforoo 30-05-2003 17:26

wow the vocals one is awful

Willow71 30-05-2003 18:15



Now they work! :)

QueenBee 30-05-2003 18:17

WOOO! They work!
How did you make them work? :S You have powers! *bow* :p

YAY *downloads*

Willow71 30-05-2003 18:23

queenbee, yeah, I have magic power... :)

No I just deleted "en/" in the links...

QueenBee 30-05-2003 18:23

How smart are youuu?! :) Well thanks alot :heart: :rose:!

iluvjulia84 30-05-2003 19:12

I liked the songs....kinda weird but good. So who is this?

Alogusz 30-05-2003 20:15

Nichya is a duet with Elena Kiper. She wrote/coproduced etc Tatu's hits, but she left after a split with Ivan. I really like their song. hopefully single/album/something will be out later this year.

raven ryuu 12-06-2003 12:36

Thanks so much Aloqusz!
I didn't realize they put those links up at the site :) I love this song :D Let's hope they put some kind of album out soon :rose:

Alogusz 12-06-2003 13:22

Their single should be out soon. the reason they put the basic tracks up is that they want people to do their own remixes, and the winner goes onto the album.
I love the song too.

Mute_Clouds 21-06-2003 20:58

Ivan -geh!
I want to get nichya's single or cd. I like lena kiper shes a really good song writer.

I dont like Ivans voice. Its too--diffrent for me. :(

monkcheese 28-06-2003 15:32

Nichya - General thread
Apparently, Nichya has just released a new single to Russian radio called 'Nachinay Menya.' Anyone heard it yet?

QueenBee 28-06-2003 15:43

Nope.. I'd like to hear it! :D

YLuelniaa 29-06-2003 06:38

interesting...i really wanna hear this..thats for sure

monkcheese 29-06-2003 06:41

Hmmm. I read somewhere that Elena Kiper fainted while recording the chorus of the song and that they've not cut it out, so it will be more 'dramatic.'

monkcheese 02-07-2003 12:28

I've found an MP3 of 'Nachinay Menya' and it's a VERY nice song.

monkcheese 04-07-2003 18:18

Nachinay Menya MP3

jockdstylez 06-07-2003 23:11

Hrrrmmm..the link doesnt work for me monk.. :( Where did you find it?

hmm..that kiper..not bad..not bad at all..heh :D how old is she anyhow?

EDIT: WHATEVER GREG!! :bebebe: :bebebe: :bebebe: :gigi:

Clicky Here if Monk's doesn't work..

ya idu v tebya dolgo
slishkom dolgo
tak dolgo
chto ne znayu,doidu li
ti molchish’
vremya spit s temi
s kem ni ti, ni ya
nikogda ne budem

serdtse b’etsya navstrechu
ehto put’ mlechnii
ehto son vechnii
ot tebya do rassveta
ehto vremya kachnulos’
na krayu sveta
raspleskalov’ gde-to
ryadom ti, no gde ti

nachinai menya
nachinai snachala
nachinai snova
nachinai s nuglya

ya idu v tebya dolgo
slishkom dolgo
tak dolgo
chto ne znayu,doidu li
ti molchish’
leto spit gde-to
gde ni ti, ni ya
nikogda ne budem

ya krichu tebya bol’no
v krov’ bol’no
tak bol’no
chto menya ti ne clishish’
iz odnoi dvustvolki
brizgami oskolki
mi poka tseki
mi edva dishim

nachinai menya
nachinai snachala
nachinai snova
nachinai s nuglya

pust’ eshche bol’nei
pust’ ostalos’ malo
ubivai nezhno
ostavlyai mezhdu

Start Me
I went to you for a long time
too long
so long
That I don’t know, whether you’ll return
You are silent
Time sleeps with those
With whom neither you, neither I
Never shall be

heart beats towards
it’s Milky Way
it’s perpetual sleep
with you till dawn
it’s unstable time
at the edge of light
somewhere it spills
beside you, but where are you

start me
start from the beginning
start again
start from zero

I went to you for a long time
too long
so long
That I don’t know, whether you’ll return
You are silent
summer sleeps somewhere
Where neither you, neither I
Never shall be

I shout at your pain
In bloody pain
So painfull
That you do not hear me
from a single double-barrelled gun
sparkling splinters
We part fully
We hardly breathe

start me
start from the beginning
start again
start from zero

Let’s be even more sick
Let’s remain a little
Kill gently
leave between

Thanks to the gurgi for passing me the link and the translation & transileration..

Review: hrrrmmm...ehmm well.. i love the beat..but the vocals, especially Olegs, are just a bit too much.. it starts out pretty good and very pleasing to the ear..then it slowly crumbles..the yelling ruins the mellow mood..but, tis good..not like my ears are bleeding..but Nichya was better..indeed.. :none:

QueenBee 07-07-2003 02:12

Wow that song was cool..
Kinda short though..
I don't really understand how she could pass out though.. it doesn't seem THAT hard but maybe that's just me.. Maybe it's alot harder than it seems :) to sing that

secreterforoo 08-07-2003 16:16

Eeeww...same style, it's ok !_!

QueenBee 10-07-2003 01:51

jockdstylez, and the gurgi thanks for the translation!

Disengage 10-07-2003 03:32


Originally posted by jockdstylez
hrrrmmm...ehmm well.. i love the beat..but the vocals, especially Olegs, are just a bit too much..
That's why Kiper should go back to working with t.A.T.u.(wishful thinking). It is clear that the work of both parties is at its best when they are working togher.

jockdstylez 10-07-2003 03:35

Disengage, I couldn't agree with you more!! Ivan's and idiot for letting Kiper go, he should've paid her anything and everything she wanted in order for her to stay..but nooo..*cough*jackass*cough*:gigi: Plus..Oleg scares me.. lol

jockdstylez 15-07-2003 01:35

wooo double
otay!! posted a transileration and a better translation!! wooo..thanks greg!! took forever to seperate..but i did it anywho..:D I have to admit the song is growing on me..even :p

cirrus 18-07-2003 20:29

I like their site, and Nichya were recently signed to BMG records.

YLuelniaa 18-07-2003 21:04

i dunno it doesn't do it for me...its not clicking...something is missing

cirrus 18-07-2003 21:14

OH sorry 'bout that:)
try now, i think it works. the comma got included in the web address for some crazy reason.

Mute_Clouds 19-07-2003 01:26

The beat is so good, but I dont like the vocals. Oleg sounds so much better in this song then Nichya.

YLuelniaa 22-07-2003 08:23

beats good......shes good......him not so good

spyretto 25-07-2003 11:11

Is that link working? I don't seem to be able to download... any other links?

jockdstylez 25-07-2003 11:15

spy, did you try my link?? if that doesn't work either, I can send it to ya through AIM..

raven ryuu 25-07-2003 11:33

thanks for the song links!
thanks alot guys -- I'm downloading right now -- I'm very curious how Oleg sounds now :p

spyretto 25-07-2003 11:35

oops, no, jockdstylez...

And your link works :)

So this will be the backside of the single Nichya. I think it's a good song, but it could be longer.
do you have the rock version of Nichya too? :D

jockdstylez 25-07-2003 11:42

lol, well I for one dislike his voice. I much prefer Kipers. But maybe it's those flashbacks of those unecessary close teeth shots of his, that are clouding my opinion.. lol :p but I do like the song..

spyretto 25-07-2003 11:46

I don't know, to me his voice sounds alright ;)
Like Shapovalov's if he could sing...

the song is quite good :done:

DinoBora 05-08-2003 17:14

English version of “Nichya song” - “Pain to choose” finally reached European soil as a promo release. It can be found among other tracks of the promissing Russian projects on the “Russian Talent CD” included in the recent issue of Music & Media Mag. ( n.b. European analogue of Billboard)

ps:/ “Pain to choose” promising name for the song,isn’t it ? :rolleyes:

spyretto 05-08-2003 17:17

wow, they're trying to break through internationally?

but there's no link to their song is it?

thegurgi 05-08-2003 19:35

I haven't heard the song, but the site has posted the lyrics to the English Version:

not to have a regret
never love, never let
have a courage to forget

not too slow, not too fast
not to leave and not to last
not to steal from the past

split in halves broken hearts
set adrift, blown apart
to recover and restart

never show so they won't see
better hide and conceal
and decieve, and decieve

it's the pain that you choose
it's the pain that you caused
it's the game that we lose
it's the moment we've lost
where do i belong?
where do you belong?
how will you survive?
how will i get by?

not to spoil, not to break
never touch, never take
not to make a new mistake

not to love not to hurt
find a moment to revert
not to speak out the word

to reset and to rewind
better deaf, better blind
not to ache, not to die

never let them make you numb
never let them do you harm
never keep yourself disarmed

I'm very curious to hear this.....

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