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denial 10-08-2004 18:50

oh?! now its possible to love? LoL .. okay I am looking forward for that song. thanks Greg.
wait.. its a video? where's the mp3 of that song?

about a month ago they put advertisement on their page looking for teenagers around 12 - 20 y/o for a new project I'm looking forward what project is that too.

Love Madam Kiper so much! *mwah*

thegurgi 17-08-2004 10:06 <--- Preview of the title track of their Album :: Nasvegda ::

my thoughts: Well, it's just the beginning and i have feeling this song picks up far beyond what we have here and i anxiously await the rest.

Kate 17-08-2004 11:14


Originally Posted by thegurgi
:: Nasvegda ::

It's actually spelling "Navsegda". ;)

denial 17-08-2004 11:33


Originally Posted by thegurgi <--- Preview of the title track of their Album :: Nasvegda ::

OMG! the beginning of the song .. I'm gonna love this song like I never love any song before ..

thegurgi 24-08-2004 19:42

oh, sorry Kat, that was simply a typo...


On the August of 30th, BMG records will release Nichya's Debut Album "Navsegda." ... but sadly, not nationwide, only in one store "Fabrika razvlecheniy" or "Entertainment Factory"... i'm not sure if this is a chain, but at one store, Nichya will be there signing copies, i think. If any Russians at this forum can go there and rip the album, it'd be HIGHLY appreciated.

Ann t..A.T.u. 24-08-2004 23:44

man this track rocks

thegurgi 05-09-2004 05:12

The Album IS out (This is old news actually... but i'm just posting it now :D )

you can buy it here: and as well see the cover.

I already bought it and when it arrives i'll rip it... unless we get a rip before them... anyone have it? please please please?

1. Mozhno Lyubit'
2. Sneg
3. Nich'ya
4. Odin.Odin
5. Nikomu.Nikogda
6. Ty gde-to ryadom
7. Vsyo Vremya (O Tebe)
8. Nachinai Menya
9. Nyet...
10. Navsegda
11. Nikomu.Nikogda (GloBass Remix)
12. Nich'ya (GloBass Remix)

6 new songs ... woot!

Joha84 06-09-2004 06:30

Hello Everyone!

I'm new around here... I just loooove Nichya and i would love to hear Nichya's song :(.... *sighs* How i wish someone had the songs from the cd... :(

thegurgi 06-09-2004 06:40


Originally Posted by Joha84
*sighs* How i wish someone had the songs from the cd...

Oh boy! Greg Can Deliver! ;) ;)

01. Mozhno Lyubit - It's just Lena, i was rather surprised and is mostly lyrical
02. Sneg - It goes from beautiful to strange to beautiful again... but for the most part it's great
03. Nich'ya - The first song of the project but it somehow has new fervor when placed after these 2
04. Odin:Odin - Ok, i LOVE this... it's just really good
05. Nikomu.Nikogda - You know this one
06. Ty Gde-to Ryadom - My favourite of the album, i think it's fantastic... it's only Oleg
07. Vsyo Vremya - This is a close 2nd, i always really liked it
08. Nachinai Menya - Yeah, you know this one too
09. Net... - I love the way this song sounds like it's being played on a record at times, but i love it (though i could do without the screaming)
10. Navsegda - It's great and you get surprised at one point :D
11. Nikomu.Nikogda (Remix) - no comments
12. Nich'ya (Remix) - no comments

OVERALL: I think it's a GREAT album!

Kate 06-09-2004 06:42

thegurgi, thank you. Do you mind if I share these links on the Russian forum?

thegurgi 06-09-2004 06:54

go ahead miss kate

Igor 06-09-2004 06:58

thegurgi, thank you. :coctail:

Joha84 06-09-2004 07:24

Thanx so much thegurgi!!! You're awesome ;) ;)

forre 06-09-2004 13:18

thegurgi, Wow! Wow! Wow! :bow: Thank you so very much! :rose: Kiss. :)

Unplugged 06-09-2004 15:53

:eek: :10x:

Greg, thank you so much! :D :done: I'm saving the files right now and then I'll post some comments on the album ;)

OK, that was great :cool: *llights post-orgasm cigarette* :smoke:

My favorites are definitely Navsegda and Nichya. I really liked how they worked Navsegda, it surprised me! And same thing with Sneg, also surprising and although it might sound weiird when you first hear it, it's great... I mean when I first hear Björk songs they're always a little weird, but then I just can't help but love them... Thanks again, Greg :p

thegurgi 06-09-2004 17:22

Everyone is very welcome, you know i just like to share (though i wouldn't mind some little more reputation for it, :yes: ahahahahaha )

Ummm, all of the songs have really grown on me... especially Mozhno Lyubit, at first i didn't care for it too much, but now i think it's great

haku 09-09-2004 14:50


Originally Posted by thegurgi
Everyone is very welcome, you know i just like to share (though i wouldn't mind some little more reputation for it

Done :D

Thanks a lot for the files, it's quite a good album, and i like the cover too, hehe.

Unplugged 09-09-2004 16:35


Originally Posted by haku
it's quite a good album

Got that right! :D All the new songs are really growing on me, I'm getting addicted to this CD!

I wonder how Nichya are live in concert, though :ithink: I hope they don't lipsync, that would totally ruin the emotion of the songs.
And I wonder if Lena also rub her crotch on Oleg all the time like she does in the videos :heh: :laugh:

thegurgi 09-09-2004 16:41

Lyrics for Mozhno Lyubit in Cryillic and poorly translated (by me):

станем для всех, станем другими
выбросим всё, всё что любили
выбросим нас, если осталось
в последний раз, самую малость
бросимся жить, просится время
нас извинить, дать измененья
просит забыть, просит оставить
просит остыть, точки расставить
--- We'll become everything, we'll become something else
--- We'll throw it all away, everything we love
--- We'll throw ourselves away, if anything remains
--- Last time, only a little left
--- We'll give up our lives, if asked
--- Excuse us, allow change
--- Ask to forget, ask to leave
--- Ask to cool down, point to the place

и начинать будто бы в первый
переписать черное в белый
и отказать страху и боли
освобождать чувства на волю
я расскажу, как мы любили
как мы смогли, как мы решили
как мы нашли, как мы искали
как отдавать, как отдавали
--- And begin like it's the beginning
--- Rewrite black in white
--- And give up pain and fear
--- I'll tell you, how we loved
--- Like we could, like we decided
--- Like we searched, like we found
--- Like giving, like we gave

если б вы все, если бы были
если б как мы, если б любили
даже вот так, даже так сложно
можно любить, слышите можно
--- if you all, if you were
--- If you could be like us, if you loved
--- Even here, even with such difficulity
--- It's possible to love, Listen it's possible

просто любить
можно любить
слышите, можно
--- Simply Love
--- It's possible to love
--- Listen, It's possible

надо простить всё, что остыло
прошлого нет, прошлое было
и повторить, и повторимо
если хотеть неудержимо
сложно терпеть, просто расстаться
но надо любить, чтоб продолжаться
это понять - мало измерить
чтобы принять, надо поверить
--- It's necessary to forgive it all, to cool off
--- No past, the past was
--- And repeat, we repeat
--- If wanting is irrepressible
--- Suffering is complicated, simply leave
--- But it's necessary to love, so you can continue
--- Understand it - this small measure
--- So you can admit, it's necessary to believe

каждый из нас должен решиться
просто любить, значит родиться
и изменить, были бы силы
всё, что вокруг невыносимо
соединить песни по нотам
наоборот, с переворотом
соединить, чтобы не мимо
разные "пол", две половины
--- Each of us should make up our minds
--- Simply to love, signifying birth
--- And to change, they will be strong
--- Everything that's around us is unbearable
--- Connecting songs under notes
--- On the contrary, so it's not the past
--- Other "sexes", two halves

мы - это мир он сложен просто
мы - это миг, он просто сложен
можно любить, нужно любить
просто любить
всё, что в нем можно
--- We are the world it's simply complicated
--- We are the moment, it's simply complicated
--- It's possible to love, it's necessary to love
--- Simply love
--- Everyone, it's possible

This song has really grown on me :D hahahaha

Unplugged 09-09-2004 16:46

Here are more lyrics in latin alphabet:

Mozhno Lyubit

stanem dlja vseh, stanem drugimi
vybrosim vsjo, vsjo chto ljubili
vybrosim nas, esli ostalos'
v poslednij raz, samuju malost'
brosimsja zhit', prositsja vremja
nas izvinit', dat' izmenen'ja
prosit zabyt', prosit ostavit'
prosit ostyt', tochki rasstavit'

i nachinat' budto by v pervyj
perepisat' chernoe v belyj
i otkazat' strahu i boli
osvobozhdat' chuvstva na volju
ja rasskazhu, kak my ljubili
kak my smogli, kak my reshili
kak my nashli, kak my iskali
kak otdavat', kak otdavali

esli b vy vse, esli by byli
esli b kak my, esli b ljubili
dazhe vot tak, dazhe tak slozhno
mozhno ljubit', slyshite mozhno

prosto ljubit'
mozhno ljubit'
slyshite, mozhno

nado prostit' vsjo, chto ostylo
proshlogo net, proshloe bylo
i povtorit', i povtorimo
esli hotet' neuderzhimo
slozhno terpet', prosto rasstat'sja
no nado ljubit', chtob prodolzhat'sja
eto ponjat' - malo izmerit'
chtoby prinjat', nado poverit'

kazhdyj iz nas dolzhen reshit'sja
prosto ljubit', znachit rodit'sja
i izmenit', byli by sily
vsjo, chto vokrug nevynosimo
soedinit' pesni po notam
naoborot, s perevorotom
soedinit', chtoby ne mimo
raznye "pol", dve poloviny

my - eto mir on slozhen prosto
my - eto mig, on prosto slozhen
mozhno ljubit', nuzhno ljubit'
prosto ljubit'
vsjo, chto v nem mozhno

Ty Gde-to Ryadom

ty gde-to ryadom
ya chuvstvuyu, vzglyadom
skol'zish' po moim
drozhaschim gubam
chitay moi mysli
kak pis'ma

ty gde-to ryadom
ya chuvstvuyu, vzglyadom
skol'zish' po moim
mokrym schekam
ot slyoz do zabven'ya -

noch' gde-to ryadom
ya znayu - nado
bezhat' ot tvoih
rasteryannyh glaz
ne zabyt' i obidy
ne videt'

bol' gde-to ryadom
ya chuvstvuyu, vzglyadom
skol'zish' po moim
drozhaschim gubam
tak chitay moi mysli
kak pis'ma

ty gde-to ryadom
noch' gde-to ryadom


Rasterjany lica. Rasstajali v proshlom.
Obratno granicy projti nevozmozhno.
I vysohli slezy, a znaesh' kak bylo...
Pogasli vse zvezdy i solnce ostylo.
Ja znaju, ty znaesh'. Ja znaju, ty slyshish'.
Real'nost' zhestoka. My zhivy. My dyshim.
No serdce ostalos' razorvannym vkloch'ja.
I pamjat' v probelah i mnogotoch'jah...

Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda!

Vse to chto bylo, vse ne zrja.
I vremja ne vremja toropit'
Chto budet dal'she. Ty i ja
Ne znaem. I znaem. Mozhet byt'.
Ljubit' kak ty ljubish',
Pytat'sja uspet'
V mire, gde stol'ko boli s smerti
Soboju sozdat', napisat' i spet'
Vse, chto ty mozhesh' ostavit' na svete.

Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda!

Ja znaju kak s nami igraet soznan'e.
Kak stynut zhelan'ja i dosvidan'ja.
Ja slyshu kak stonut, ja slyshu kak plachut
Ljubov'ju zatronutye neudachno.
I rvutsja naveki kak tonkie struny
Vernut' ih tak trudno a ih - milliony.
Ja verju - vse ljudi kogda-nibud' budut
Sogrety drug drugom...
Vljublennyj vljublennym...

Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda!
Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda! Navsegda!

from Nichya's official english-speaking fan site,

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