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AshMcAuliffe 05-01-2009 21:25

It surprised me as i didn't even have to pause to think about how i wanted to answer the questions... it just flowed perfectly. I was at total ease and never had to pause or correct myself which is a grand thing for me seeing as i stutter alot or confuse myself when talking lol.
I have the links to my albums for you if you still want them?

pigeon309 05-01-2009 22:17

Yeah...thanks for answering my question, and for the links in the PM. I'll be sure to check them out. :D I'm glad it went well, then.

AshMcAuliffe 04-02-2009 19:02

I just posted a new song called The Pit and The Pendulum on my myspace page.
It uses an excerpt from said tale by Edgar Allan Poe as recited by Basil Rathbone.
Lemme know what you think?

AshMcAuliffe 08-02-2009 13:14

Whoop! Might be getting a song on TV. Fingers crossed! :)

dradeel 14-02-2009 15:12


Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 380348)
I just posted a new song called The Pit and The Pendulum on my myspace page.
It uses an excerpt from said tale by Edgar Allan Poe as recited by Basil Rathbone.
Lemme know what you think?

Listened to it now. I must admit I felt it kinda lacked a climax. I love climaxes :D I loved the dark el/ambient soundscape, but you know ... it's like having sex - it's nice, no doubt about it, but you wanna be able to cum too. Hehehe. Well, just my 2 cents anyways :)

I'm loving Chapter II The Beginning, however. Seems like the vocals have better recording than what I've heard on earlier songs? Earlier the "s", "th" and "b" have been kinda sharp and "explosive" (like on Season of the Witch), and also your voice would sound a little "thin". On this one it sounds good, and the recording is much more "soft and real". It sounds pro. I like! Have you changed anything, or am I just stupid? Hehehe.

Deep Red sounds dark and apocalyptic, which again is something I love. I'm not feeling like I miss a climax either. My mind went straight to soundtracks from Metroid games, which is more or less the best you can get of evil ambient music; it actually sounds scary, which is quite a feat if you ask me. Deep Red might not be scary per say, but it sure is dark, and that keeps you on edge through the whole song :)


Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 380447)
Whoop! Might be getting a song on TV. Fingers crossed!

w00t! I'm impressed! :D Keep me/us posted! Hehe.

AshMcAuliffe 16-02-2009 23:28

Thanks dude. :D
The Beginning is a track from my first album Book of Shadows and that album was entirely recorded in a studio. It was a fun experience. But costly. I would love to go and record in the studio again though,
All the stuff i've made since have been at home on the laptop. The electro stuff is easy to record but recording the guitars etc for my more rock/pop stuff is hard.
And YAY! I succeeded in making a scary song with Deep Red. It was actually influenced by Metroid games and Dario ARgento movies! lol
As for Climaxes... i understand what you mean. :D :D
Have you heard the new song Sirius??? I made the music and a friend did the vocals and lyrics.
She has the original version on her myspace and i have the alternate DARKER version on mine.
Lemme know what you think dude?? :) You rock!

dradeel 19-02-2009 13:12


Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 380710)
Lemme know what you think dude??

Hehe, yeah, well, I didn't comment on that one cause I didn't like it :lalala: No offence to your wonderful friend, but I didn't like her voice :p

Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 380710)
And YAY! I succeeded in making a scary song with Deep Red.

Haha, now, I didn't actually say Deep Red was scary, but if that makes you happy, then sure :D I dunno if we've talked about this before btw (I think we might have), but whatever: Have you ever played any of the X-Com games, like UFO and Terror From the Deep? Scary shit music right there --- especially when you're playing the game and hunting down aliens around in dark cities and huge alien spacecrafts :)

AshMcAuliffe 19-02-2009 21:21

I ain't played Terror From The Deep... what's it like?
hehehe, no offence taken dude about the song. I like the music and i do actually love her vocals. But for a compilation CD i'm putting together of a bit of erverything i've done i'm just gonna put the instrumental of that song. I really need to take a break from musics... phew!
As soon as i've worked out a tracklist for this compilation CD i will send the link to you for to download. Any songs in particular you reckon i should put on??

dradeel 20-02-2009 00:27

Terror From the Deep is more or less just like UFO, only now the aliens are coming from the oceans on earth and you can fight in the ocean as well, and a lot of the aliens are water breathers... it's fucking freaky to be hunting down aliens on the sea bed with a crashlanded ufo and everything, and small Aquatoids (like Sceptoids from UFO, but now with gills), Gill Men, and the dreaded Lobster Men, who are fucking mean! And many more... Hehe. The music when you're lurking around is fucking dreadful. It made me wet my pants when I was little (okay, not literally, but you know... Hehe). The music might sound kinda flimsy, but when you're playing that game late at night it gets scary, just like Metroid. Love it.

And what? Break from music? I thought we were making harsh ebm next! Nooo :( Hehehe.

Hmm... I dunno. The Beginning and Happiness is Merely Supernatural were the ones I've liked the best. Hehe. But I haven't heard all your songs, so I couldn't really say which should be on there or not ;) To me compilations are like any album --- it should have a flow with it, so it would sound weird with like The Beginning and then Deep Red and then Happiness... and you've got some serious mix of songs too, so it could be hard to choose. Hehe :p

AshMcAuliffe 22-02-2009 05:11

I'm so torn as to what i should do for this bloody compilation. grrr. I think i might just put a mix of everything on. I was contemplatin putting songs in chronological order but then realised that this never worked well for Korn on their greatest hits CD.

dradeel 26-02-2009 05:55


Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 380859)
I was contemplatin putting songs in chronological order but then realised that this never worked well for Korn on their greatest hits CD.

Something I always notice with compilations and albums is that it always works best to have your catchy and most popular songs as track 3, last track, and then a track either as the first song or one in the middle between 3 and the last, etc ... of course the more the merrier, but honestly, some songs are always better than other :) A good example for me is Borknagar's album Quintessence. My fav songs on that one are Track 3, Track 1, Track 10 (last), Track 2 and Track 8 --- in that order, which results in a perfect product and effectively makes it my fav album of them, regardless of the fact that some songs on other albums are individually better than many of the ones on Quintessence. But in the end it's the sum of all things that matter :)

Just something to think about I guess. I know compilations mostly have more songs on them than albums and it's harder to spread the material out, so I dunno if it makes it any easier on you. Probably only worse. In that case, sorry. Hehe. I can understand why KoЯn just put it in chronological order, even if it didn't work out that good :laugh:

AshMcAuliffe 26-02-2009 13:26

I think i will put together a couple of trial compilations... zip them and send them to you so you can tell me if you think they flow perfectly :D

dradeel 01-03-2009 04:21

Hahaha, I'm honored of your confidence in me. I'd be happy to help and share my opinion if you want it. No problem! :)

notgonnagetus16 03-03-2009 09:35

Check out my stuff and tell me what you think

AshMcAuliffe 03-03-2009 13:40

there's no music on your page??

notgonnagetus16 04-03-2009 08:58


AshMcAuliffe 05-03-2009 00:31

the music is pretty cool. what do you use to make your drum tracks and music software do you use?? :)

notgonnagetus16 06-03-2009 00:55

I use fruity loops studio for the beats and i record vocals and edit them on Vegas Video.

AshMcAuliffe 13-03-2009 11:31

Dradeel - What did you think?? :D

dradeel 13-03-2009 18:52

Please forgive me, dear, but I've been away for 10 days, and came home only this week. And then it was my birthday and then it was school and now your post reminded me of it all. Hehe. Listening to it now while drinking some fine red wine from Argentina ;) ... okay, not that fine. It was a cheap bottle, but I'm a student, so it's more than fine enough. It did taste quite good though, so that's all the fineness I need :D

I'll get back to you when I've given it all a listen or two!

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