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dradeel 05-11-2008 09:57

With fucking pleasure, man! :) You have been added. Hehe.

AshMcAuliffe 05-11-2008 13:06

awww! U rock Dradeel my friend U ROCK!!! :D

dradeel 05-11-2008 23:50

I know... I know :laugh:

AshMcAuliffe 06-11-2008 08:06

well i gots to tell ya as i am Clark Kent ;)

AshMcAuliffe 07-11-2008 02:35

I added the new song to MySpace... called The Devil. Let me know what you think? The lyrics have already been written for it... they go something like this....

I have strange dreams each night
Restless sleep i deplore
Yet i feel myself lured in
Sucked into a world i know is not real
Yet real enough to be...
My child side running rampant
It's free to come alive
It shows me what i could have been
What i couldn't...
And when you walk into my dream
You steal each and every scene
And make my dreams no longer my own

You're selfish
Just as i am...

AshMcAuliffe 12-11-2008 17:54

NEW ALBUM is almost complete!


1: Alone in the Dark
2: Deep Red
3: Venus Incarnate
4: I Is The Ism
5: Masque
6: The Darkness
7: Halo
8: Abraxas
9: Sphere
10: The Devil

A series of instrumentals that will have vocals added to them at a later date.

This is my second electronica album and is currently being mixed. This album is the result of being more confident with the equipment i was using. I was able to capture how i was feeling emotionally at the time very well and was able to put that into these songs.

Created, once again, in the comfort of my living room with valuable input from 2-3 close friends this album is, therefore, a more emotional album. In places it seems very subdued and sombre... but that is how i was feeling at the time.

The lyrics are highly personal again. I find it hard to write songs that don't have ME or my experiences in them.

I chose the title of the album when lay alone in bed one night and thought to myself "Even though we surround ourselves with people and material possessions we do actually go through our lives on our own..."

And it's true.
We're the only ones who can hear our thoughts.. our own mind. We are the only ones in total control of our lives.

This time around i would like to thank Adam, MikeyR, Calum, the nice people I've met via Tatysite and MySpace and Kelly (for all our crazy song sessions).

oh and i was wondering if anyone here is any good at making videos... anyone wanna make a video for one of my songs??

AshMcAuliffe 17-11-2008 08:33

album cover for The Bionic I

i love it :D :cool:

AshMcAuliffe 22-11-2008 16:25

anyone fancy writing a review?

AshMcAuliffe 26-11-2008 04:01

anyone there??? ;)

Endri 28-11-2008 22:26


Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 374909)
album cover for The Bionic I

i love it :D :cool:

I like the cover, too! :D

AshMcAuliffe 29-11-2008 01:48


Originally Posted by Endri (Post 375754)
I like the cover, too! :D

aww cheers... i've been busying myself trying to make the albums presentable by creating album art. It's going pretty well. I managed to get myself on an album cover! YAY!!
I'm trying to get a couple of people from tatysite to listen to one of the 4 albums and review it for me but thus far no one has agreed :( lol os maybe soon :D

AshMcAuliffe 03-12-2008 02:24

Album cover for Alone in the Dark :D

AshMcAuliffe 28-12-2008 17:35

Dradeel... your new pic rocks! :)
if you go to the website and go to the blog you can vote on there as to which song should be put up download... today is the last day of voting though so hurry? :)

AshMcAuliffe 28-12-2008 17:36

I'm gonna be in US publication "The Punk Globe" magazine on January 1st!

dradeel 28-12-2008 17:42

My new pic? Where? Here? Hehehe. Thank you! :p And I've placed my vote already. Hehe.

And what kinda magazine is The Punk Globe?

AshMcAuliffe 28-12-2008 18:43

Punk Globe apparently is an influential US music magazine and has various celebrity writers and editors including Courtney Love. I had my CD reviewed and did an interview and both are going to be in the issue. It's now an online magazine and draws 8000 hits a day. Apparently the woman that reviewed me and did the interview says i should expect a sudden influx of friend requests and CD requests and that some of the other magazine that advertise in it etc will see. So i'm major excited and the fact that my FULL inteview is going to be used is amazing. I'll post the link on the 31st when it goes up online.
Dude... thanks muchly. As always u r mint :)

AshMcAuliffe 01-01-2009 19:07

MY Interview!!!! :D

pigeon309 03-01-2009 20:33

I haven't been in this thread for quite a while; I'm not sure why. Anyway, great about the interview. It was very interesting. I liked what you said about embracing our darker sides.

AshMcAuliffe 05-01-2009 01:57

I feel that to be very true. We will all become more well rounded human beings if we learn to understand all aspects of ourselves. Most people have said they liked my reponse to the gay question right at the end. :) I surprised myself with that interview though. I'm highly grateful to you for checking it out. Means a lot to me...

pigeon309 05-01-2009 12:45

I agree. Sometimes it's good to just sit and figure things out, think about why you react to certain things in certain ways and such. Yes, to the gay question was good, too. I hate when people act like sexuality can be your whole personality. I mean, while you're questioning it or trying to come out, it can seem very important, but after that, it's just part of who you are, and I don't understand the need to obsess over it. If you don't mind me asking, how is it you surprised yourself?

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