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AshMcAuliffe 27-09-2010 16:06

A new music video is in the works for the Intro track on "Dark City." The video is being shot by multi-talented artist Sarah Howson in Australia. She sent me a few little teaser pics today. I'm intrigued and am looking forward to seeing the finished video. I'll post the pics in a little while when i get to the laptop.

AshMcAuliffe 27-09-2010 22:34

Pictures from the prep and shoot for the forthcoming "Intro" music video.

EDIT - Hmm. I have just found an unreleased track which was going to be on "Dark City" but was left off because it didn't mix well. I think it may be the B-side for the next single, which will, of course, be free to download. Details to come...

AshMcAuliffe 25-10-2010 17:44

NEW VIDEO for the new single "Into The City" - hope you like!

AshMcAuliffe 30-10-2010 23:33

Download the "INTO THE CITY" single at the link above. Enjoy. :)

AshMcAuliffe 02-01-2011 02:58

2011 - new music? Possibly.
I have been experimenting. Got some gloomy stuff so far. I think i want to make some experimental stuff with weird structures and, possibly, homemade instruments. I'm very interested in creating something very creepy and challenging. =) We shall see.

AshMcAuliffe 14-02-2011 02:05

Hello Tatysite people.
I was wondering if you could take a listen to my friend Colie's song called "Understand". I am currently acting as his publicist (which is canny LOL but fun) and would love to hear your thoughts on his song.

AshMcAuliffe 31-07-2011 23:28

"The Nocturnicon" Demo
So i'm working on my new album and I wanted to post a demo. What do you think?
No electronics in sight. :p

Blakeich 02-08-2011 16:25


Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 396504)
So i'm working on my new album and I wanted to post a demo. What do you think?
No electronics in sight. :p

I live not far from County Durham i live in newcastle :P

AshMcAuliffe 02-08-2011 22:59


Originally Posted by Blakeich (Post 396510)
I live not far from County Durham i live in newcastle :P

Up until January I was living in Easington, near Peterlee. Then me and my partner split and I moved back home to Blackburn. If I had have known we could have arranged a meet! Maybe when I'm next in the NE. :)

AshMcAuliffe 14-10-2011 15:31

My first album "Book of Shadows" is now on YouTube. It's going to be released on CD at some point. An artist is doing the artwork for me right now. This album is my guitar and vocals songs. I hope you like. Any comments or feedback would be gratefully received. Been writing a lot recently and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do musically. My health and life in general has been shit this year and I think that is coming across in a lot of what I'm writing at present.

Book of Shadows -

AshMcAuliffe 26-09-2020 18:10

Wow... blast from the past reading through this thread. :p Was more often than not an encouraging and supportive place.
Anyway... I did a lot more since that time.

franb 29-09-2020 00:21

Me too

I live :)in Darlington

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