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forre 30-03-2006 11:41

Rate the Avatar of the Person Above You Game (Part 1)
Message from the thread starter Kate:


The title says it all.

Since I'm starting the game I'll rate my own avatar - perfect color, perfect style, perfect Bill (the guy in the avatar). I think it's safe to say it's a 10/10.
P.S. We had to remove her post in order to keep the thread on the forum which she keeps on deleting.

xmad 30-03-2006 11:46

forre,I was going to rate kate's avatar:gigi:

Yours is 9.5/10:yes:

Kate 30-03-2006 11:49

forre, I started the game, I had to rate something. It was an exceptional situation. Please don't ban me... And, you're mean. :cry: I didn't mean to offend you by being happy about your new admin position... you didn't have to take it out on my favorite avatar. :cry: I made it myself, you know. I was merely trying to be creative with the orange line. :hmmm:

xmad, I love the puppy in your avatar, with the little kitten on top. Sooooooooooo cute!! 10/10!! :love:

Ryzhov 30-03-2006 11:58

Bill is a pretty girl. Nice avatar, but the "fucking cute" one was better in my opinion. ;)

Kate 30-03-2006 12:00

Ryzhov, Bill's a guy, but he's pretty in a girly way. :gigi: And I think you have me confused with Rachel, she's the one with the "fucking cute" avatar (that I made for her, by the way - *proud*).

This post doesn't count, so don't rate my avatar anymore, people, I beg you.

marina 30-03-2006 12:04

Whaaaat? Is it Bill on Rachel's avatar ?
I was dead sure it's Yulia from Taty........
Shocking !

Ryzhov 30-03-2006 12:05

Oops, that's right- Kate not Rachel. Sorry.

Yeah I know Bill is a guy but seriously though, he's still a very pretty girl. I know I'm not alone in this.. :D

Sean Jon 30-03-2006 13:14

Nice picture but old and you didn't really do much to it. :)

exileut 30-03-2006 13:21


Originally Posted by Tatutaty
Nice picture but old and you didn't really do much to it. :)

Uh I didnt do anything to mine
but its pretty self explanatory as is

haku: You have to rate the avatar *above* yours, not yours.

robbie 30-03-2006 13:31

exileut, 6/10, i love yulia's hair style here and this video is awesome! :)

intervolkov 30-03-2006 14:05

Forre avatar's 10/10

Exileut's avatar 10/10

Kate's avatar 10/10

tatutaty's avatar 9/10

haku: Lol, that's great, you managed to rate all the avatars in the page except the one above you which is the only one you are supposed to rate! Please people, respect the rules of the game.

zebu 30-03-2006 14:12

im not an inter fan so cant say i like the avatar and its pretty blury or something. maybe would be better if used some player instead.

Rachel 30-03-2006 15:04

3/10- It's a picture of a hand...and yes I know it's Yulia's hand...

QueenBee 30-03-2006 15:56


thought it was QueenBee on your avatar.

7/10 for Rachel, 'cause I'm not crazy about the picture of Yulia, but other than that I like it. :D

robbie 30-03-2006 16:19

QueenBee, 10/10 > great blue-colour scale, great idea and great realization :)

QueenBee 30-03-2006 17:44

I don't wanna post again because I already posted just before you (don't want to spam), but woowwww! Thank you robbie, you're so kind :D

Khartoun2004 30-03-2006 19:49

QB gets a 9/10 cause I like how the blue slowly fades to white in one corner

Robbie gets a 10/10 because I love the red behind the black and white... it reminds me of the little girl in the red coat from Shindler's List.

Kate ok I realize Kate was like half a dozen posts before mine... but I have to comment on it anyway. 10/10 I love that picture of Bill. lol It seriously took me a week to figure out it was him because he totally looks like an emo girl in that picture. So yeah Props to you

spyretto 30-03-2006 19:53

thought we only rate the avatar directly above not every single avatar of the thread, lol

Anyway, I rate Khartoun's avatar as of 8/10 but can't put my finger on who that actress is...I know that I know her but I'm not very good with names...however she can't be anybody from the L word cos they're all lanky ugly ones in there...

and that is that :)

Rachel 30-03-2006 19:55

Keira Knightley

spyretto 30-03-2006 20:00


Originally Posted by Rachel
Keira Knightley

thanks...I knew it was her...British isn't she?

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