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Igor 20-07-2003 20:56

Read this!
In the light of the latest events I would like to say the following:

1) Most of you have gone too far. Don’t you think so? People are trying to do their best to provide the information but we don’t create that info – all we do is just a simple publishing, often with some previous editing. Why all complains and bashing are targeted towards the site? Do you want us to stop providing and translating this info? Is that what you want?

I would like to remind you that the Moderators and Administrator are very well informed about t.A.T.u. There’s a rather good experience and knowledge have been gathered for the past years.

Before everyone continues to rave about the press and another publishers, please remember that most rumours (for instance t.A.T.u.’s break up) are coming directly from their head-office Neformat. It’s called a PR. Easier to say – drawing public attention to the group.

2) About the Moderators. You are given many warnings. We are not in a kindergarten and you should remember that those warnings are not issued “just for fun”. If a person doesn’t understand words, we are forced to take measures. Nobody needs those measures but they are necessary.

If you don’t like something you are free to leave this forum.
Personally, I’m not going to baby-sit anyone here.

I hope that you take this note into your consideration and start acting according to the ethical rules and rules of this forum.

The Administrator

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