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thegurgi 16-03-2004 05:07

Podnebesnaya Compilation Album
I don't know if i'm the only one who's curious... but, Do any of the Russian fans HAVE this CD? Was it even released?

I'm very confused, we've seen no scans of the artwork for the CD, does it not have any picture of the girls? And what about the Tatu Track? We know there is one full song on it that most of us haven't heard. We don't even know if it's all just Lena or not. So this is my filling my curiousity? Any answers Sunny? Forre? Igor? ....

Thanks in advance.

nasnedagoniat 15-04-2004 14:02

It has just been released a few days ago. I was disappointed because there was only one website selling it, and it looked like it only shipped to Russia, but it ships everywhere. With my handy translator(only to be certain), I found my way around very easily. I can't wait to hear Belochka in full CD quality! And Russian to American dollars = cheap! Yay for me. :coctail: ...And, oh yeah, the exclusive supplier for the CD is this site. :chupa: :kawai:

ihavetatusleeve 15-04-2004 16:00


Originally Posted by nasnedagoniat
It has just been released a few days ago. I was disappointed because there was only one website selling it, and it looked like it only shipped to Russia, but it ships everywhere. With my handy translator(only to be certain), I found my way around very easily. I can't wait to hear Belochka in full CD quality! And Russian to American dollars = cheap! Yay for me. :coctail: ...And, oh yeah, the exclusive supplier for the CD is this site. :chupa: :kawai:

Yay for nasnedagoniat! Thanks for the link. I clicked around and used a translator, too but am still confused! I figured out the price is $5 USD with 35 cents shipping :bum: Highway ripoff!! LOL How much did your order come out to for shipping to the US, NND?

I feel bad, tho, that we're paying for this record with one new song and a slew of unknowns when we were told that with the show we'd see the recording of the much-anticipated new Tatu LP. We were duped on this one, and I feel hesistant to invest in it no matter how cheap it is; I'd rather get the single for "Squirrel" if they release one, really; hopefully Larry Tee or another great DJ will do remixes and they'll be released soon. I've heard it on MP3 and that's fine with me. If they recorded the new LP in secret, I hope they release it soon!

And now I get this crazy feeling that the show in NJ is going to be a Podnebesnaya showcase in the guise of a Tatu concert. I hope that when May 22 rolls around we get to see a full concert by Tatu (at least an hour of performance) rather than a talent show with the other artists on the record, and then a few songs from the girls. You really never know what will transpire.

nasnedagoniat 15-04-2004 17:55

Heya! My order came out to be around $14.00 to ship to the U.S. I don't think that was bad at all. I was kind of surprised.

I was quite desperate too. When I'm desperate I can do amazing things. The Russian words started to become English all of a sudden. I guess I knew Russian all along. LOL :confused: The only thing that's wierd is you pay after you have ordered with this thing called ASSIST. I wouldn't normally go through this, but I sent emails to all the Russian/American music stores, and they all said they didn't have it and something about an exclusive title to sell. I guess that means the record company made a deal with that internet store??

Right now, about t.A.T.u., I agree with the "Wait And See" method. I don't know what else to do, except listen to Belochka on repeat and pretend I'm a bunny. If you have questions on how to get the cd, I don't mind helping. :coctail:

ihavetatusleeve 15-04-2004 19:35

Thanks for the info. I think I'll "wait and see" with this record. $14 with delivery from Russia is a good price. tho.

And you're a bunny and a prince now - interesting :)

nasnedagoniat 16-04-2004 14:00

The Bunny Prince of Podnebesnaya, that's me. I'll have to change up my profile to confirm this to everyone. :laugh: :yes:

nasnedagoniat 17-04-2004 14:40

So, we can tell when a cd is actually good....there is less of an effort to share. LOL. :greedy: I ordered the album days ago, but from Russia to the U.S., I fear I'll be an old bunny by the time I get the cd. So, I officially request for the best tracks to be uploaded by anyone in possession of the cd at this time. Even if precautions are taken to stop the music from going around the entire net and decreasing album sales. I'd like to hear what I paid for.(w/o paying more at Delit) :gigi: The best tracks include, Helya, Orkrist - Planeta, the rap song :laugh: , and the arabic song, and whatever else. Thankies. :rose:

EDIT: I got them from someone, YAY! Now it's my turn. :greedy: Yay!

razormaid 19-04-2004 07:40

People, the album is available at in the Russian Music section under 'Taty'. If you sign up to the site you can download 2 tracks per day free (very slow though) or you could use your credit card.

Lux 19-04-2004 17:24

i tried to listen but the links don't work

whaat the

teeny 19-04-2004 17:48

oi.. going to get me the remix album and the new Smash freeway album aswell as this one :D

Thank you for the links :10x:

*goes to figure out how to shop in the store*

QueenBee 19-04-2004 18:01

Lux, I think you need to be registered there. I'm registered and it works for me, I just tried. :D

Nikolaevich 19-04-2004 18:59

Also, If you don't want to wait to get another 2 songs, you can go to! It's the same deal, 2 songs a day, and registration is free! Also, we have worked out a server where you can get the rest of the songs here: , Look for Podnebesnaya No.1! Good luck at getting the entire album, it really is great. I actually purchased a cd just to have it. :coctail:

denial 19-04-2004 19:33

nasnedagoniat, oii!! you bought the album? hmm . ..when are you going to receive it? I like the front cover art-work .. LoL..if you get the CD .. will you scan it ? .. well... I already have Belochka CD version MP3 .. so I guess no need to buy the album .. just hope girls come out with new album .. or what I really want is the album of all girls song while at podnebesnaya in there .. I don't care if its half way!! urrrhg!

la aurora 19-04-2004 20:03

The album was released not so long ago, haven't seen it in shops tho but to be frank, didn't even have the chance to check. I've heard most of the songs during that Echo of Moscow interview, so I went to Delit to download ones I liked or haven't heard. 2 songs so far: Helya's 'Naydu' wich lacks any vocal abilities from the girl but still sounds nice in my ears. I do like the beat. Second one is Fly_Dream's 'Mezhdu nebom...' Like this one a lot. The music is nice and the girl's vocals are soft and relaxing. Thanks to D have heard Belochka also. No changes from what we've heard before. Still poor arrangement and still no Yulia singing.

denial 19-04-2004 20:15

Thats song Belochka is Lena singing to Yulia .. how Yulia to sing in it? :bebebe: ..that poor arrangment .. to to say this .. to emphisized ( is there such word? LoL ) .. I mean to tell about their surrounding ..

haku 19-04-2004 20:22

I don't like the way Ivan is using Tatu's name to sell his new projects. :bebebe: Tatu's logo is on the cover even though there is no real Tatu song in it, it's only there to sell.

Lena herself said that Belochka was never finished, Yulia was supposed to sing too but the girls left Ponebesnaya before Yulia could do her part. The version on this album is just an half finished demo, Yulia's vocals are missing and the music is the same as the early drafts of the song. It's not a finished product and definitely not a Tatu song, Ivan put it there only to increase the sales of the album.

teeny 19-04-2004 20:42

well it worked cos it's going my way :lalala:

nasnedagoniat 19-04-2004 20:54

I sure did denial, I don't know when I'm going to get it, but hopefully soon. Sure I'll scan it if nobody does before me. I've just about d/l the whole album online too, I must say honestly that it is good music. There is something for everyone, and most of the songs have that "Shapovalov effect" as in they can be put on repeat and seem like they never get old. Hmmm... :confused: My favorite now is "Planeta", it's mostly music until the end. A girl comes on and sings(screams). It has that feeling of when Tatu scream or sing with lots of emotion. It's very powerful, but short, which is good so it doesn't get boring.

haku 19-04-2004 21:33


Originally Posted by TLFdk
well it worked cos it's going my way

Hehe, i have no doubt that it's going to work, it's clever maketing. Belochka is there to attract (former) Tatu fans, and the other songs are there to hook them on Ivan's new projects. Then Ivan will just have to release new albums of the most promising new projects and people will follow, Tatu will disappear and the transition to the "next generation" will be completed. "Only stupid people need the girls".

Lux 19-04-2004 21:53

QB - thanks. i'll have to register asap
haku - i see what you're saying, and agree to some point. but maybe he's throwing out there what's left in lieu of not having anything prepared because of his recent legal misfortunes.

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