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dare2dream28 29-06-2003 05:40

Who's a fan of Xena or X-Files?
Just out of curiousity, I was wondering how many members are also fans of Xena and/or the X-Files. I personally watched X-Files like it was my religion (LOL...thinks *Mulder*...drools) and can quote most Xena eps (except Season 6 because the TV station here stopped playing it so I only saw it when it was on reruns on USA and SciFi...and yes, I know it's sad I can quote some eps. LOL). Xenites and Shippers (or Shrippers I think that's what it's called in some cases) unite! :)

luxxi 29-06-2003 08:33

I watch X-files since beginning. But IMO they ruined it with all this governemnt conspiracy, supersoldiers, alien-humen hybrids, colonisation crap. I like episodes where they actually deal with paranormal (like that guy & his mother who could control insects). I still watch them but skip episodes with above mentioned stuff.

crni 29-06-2003 15:45

i believe...
...i watched almost all of the episodes till that Dogget guy...:(

then it all fell apart and i stopped watching...

but still i think it's the best thing that ever happened to TV :D

Ghalib 29-06-2003 16:02

Battle On !!
X:WP what a show !!

A camp, firmly tounge in cheek show that readdressed the role of the woman in Action Adventure.

Lucy Lawless IS Flawless ! (she does indeed have many skills!)

Loved her in the X-Files which again in itself is another barrier breaking show that took SFI to a whole new dimension.

Have all the Xena DVD's and most of the X-files on video.


karxwp 29-06-2003 17:18

both of them!
I'm fan of the xFILES, and a serious HCN of Xena :) Oh the nutforum...I miss that old times...really, it was nice while it lasted (heheeh 6 years of obssesive fanatism)

xena225 29-06-2003 17:40

karxwp, another hardcore nutball, woo-hoo! :laugh:

Yeah, I'm a big big Xena and Gabrielle fan. LOVED the show, I know every single episode inside out, and I do hope that the rumours about a Xena movie will come true!

And yeah Ghalib, Battle On indeed! :yes:

Thanks for the great topic, fellow Xenite dare2dream28. :done:


Echoed 29-06-2003 19:14

Both these shows, I positively adored.


prostrel 29-06-2003 19:54


parrish122 29-06-2003 20:04

Well, I named my dog Xena...does that tell you anything? (Her full name is Xena the warrior poodle. :) )

I liked x-files, but I *loved* Xena.

Did any of you see Lucy Lawless on Saturday Night Live? She does a fantastic Stevie Nicks!


Bitty2002 29-06-2003 20:52

HUGE fan of Xena...sooo pathetic even to the point that I made my own Gabby and Xena outfit...hey, it was for umm...halloween, yeah, lol. No, I was a big fan for all six years, and the Xenaverse will continue to hold a special place in my heart, hehe. because I am from Austin, TX, I used to go eat at Threadgill's and ask from Sandra Wilson (ROC's mom) hey I was just a little kid, not a stalker, I promise.

I loved X-files. I was not part of the fandom, but I watched the show regularly...much like everyone has said, I still watched it past Dogget and the gov conspiracy crap...but did NOT enjoy it as much. I missed the paranormal, not soap opera episodes.

karxwp 29-06-2003 20:52

My dog's name is Argo! people who have seen his picture can tell why I chose that name (although If he were black I would have called him Ares :)) Xena on SNL was awesome!! Lucy rocks! she is one of the best actress I've ever seen :) her voice it's quite amazing...hahaha the stevie nicks stuf was so hilarious!

Someone loved the bitter suite as much as me? Or the Xmas party in New Xenaland (yeah I changed the name's country! it's not Zealand its New Xenaland :)) her voice is great :)

karxwp 29-06-2003 20:56

anyone saw the Xfiles Episode where Lucy appeared :) nice episode!

My two favorite shows joined in one hhehehe

Bitty2002 29-06-2003 21:00

karxwp, YES! Loved her voice and SNL rocked, especially the stevie nicks part. I also quite enjoyed the judge judy part, because Lucy always joked about being a fan of hers. I LOVED, Bitter Suite. SOooo much. I knew all the words, bought the CD, quite funny really. I would act out the scenes all dramatically... Yes, I was a sad child, but I had fun!!
Did you see LL on Rosie, when she sang the cowgirl song? HAHAH, damn that was great. Look I was a cheap ass and wouldn't buy the dolls, so I got my Barbies (which I never liked anyway) and made little gabby, xena outfits for them...even a chakram and staff. Ahh, good times, good times.

Ghalib 29-06-2003 21:03


Originally posted by parrish122
Well, I named my dog Xena...does that tell you anything? (Her full name is Xena the warrior poodle. :) )

I liked x-files, but I *loved* Xena.

Did any of you see Lucy Lawless on Saturday Night Live? She does a fantastic Stevie Nicks!


Funny that is dedicated!!

I went to a XenaFest in the UK that had no Stars of the show, heck there was not even a boom operator or gaffer boy from the show ... just 98 other Xena loons getting together for the love of the show .. It was very atmospheric watching the incredible "Bitter Suite" episode and all of the out takes and interviews that someone had kindly captured, watching Renee say the word "wan*er" had us all off our seats in fits of laughter ! :D :D :D

Lucy Flawless was indeed magnificent on SNL ...
She was delicious though on So Graham Norton, :coctail:
She has an excellent sense of humour.

:: SIGH !! I miss that show ... : : :(

karxwp 29-06-2003 21:11

Bitty2002 I knew the lines of the episodes by heart! as well as the bitter suite!

Ah yes the Judge Judy!!! the elephant part "never forget, never forget!!" the balloon! that was amazing!! so funny! *sigh* miss the show...Damn Tapert....he was like Ivan...

:) heheheh Xena doll!! I was cheap too cause I saw them last year in San Diego and I didn't buy them :(

xena225 30-06-2003 10:22

Alright, XENA fans :) Listen up - some questions for you...

1) Who's your fave? Xena or Gabrielle?
2) Lovers or just good friends?
3) Favourite season?
4) Favourite episode?
5) Favourite character other than Xena and Gabrielle?
6) The ending - inspired or horrible?
7) If there's indeed a movie - how should they bring Xena back?

to be continued... :)

xena225 30-06-2003 10:26

Re: i believe...

Originally posted by crni
...i watched almost all of the episodes till that Dogget guy...:(

I must say that I liked the Scully / Reyes dynamics a lot. They should have had more episodes together. For example, the numerology episode was hilarious - I think it was called "Improbable" - loved that one -

- but it's true - the magic of the show was kind of gone during the last two seasons...


parrish122 30-06-2003 13:23

1) Fav character, Xena, of course. :)
2) Lovers, got to be lovers. :)
3)Hmmm...season...jeez, I'd have to watch them all over again to answer that one!
4)Episode...I'd have to say the one where Gabby almost dies, and Xena *won't* stop doing mouth to mouth until she comes back. Lucy did one hell of an acting job on that one.
5)Other fav character...I'd have to say Callisto. She was evil..but in an entertaining way. Plus she was a reminder of what Xena had done in the past...showing that Xena had made *huge* steps in changing herself, yet still had to answer for her past.
6)The ending...I hated it.
7) How would they bring her back...are you kidding? I mean, how many times did Xena die in the series and manage to come back? She's like Jason, or Micheal Myers. :D


dare2dream28 30-06-2003 17:56

*claps hands* Yay!! I'm so excited to get to talk about Xena and X-Files again! :D As far as the X-Files, I was completely obsessed. I had all the mags, figurines, computer games, shirts, movie, etc. And get this--the x-files even used MY TOWN as a set in one of the eps!!! Talk about dream coming true!! But them my dumb ass principal DEMANDED the producers cut our town out of the show b/c she said it would portray the teenagers at my school as murderers in a cult since that was what the ep delt with. Talk about raising hell...I had petitions, letters, bad mouthed her every chance I got...needless to say I was pissed but in the end the producers left us in the ep. *x-files one, principal ZERO...take that biatch!* Even though I loved the show, I absolutely despised Dogget. I HATED him. I was so mad b/c I thought he ruined the show. I was like "There is NO X-Files without Mulder and Scully. The show isn't Dogget and Scully. WHERE'S MULDER?!" Needless to say I was not as into it once Mulder left and I thought the ending was WONDERFUL...until the last 2 minutes when Mulder made his last speech. Ugh I felt screwed because what I gathered from it was "Forget the whole point of the show that there could be aliens out fight for the truth...just forget it and believe that God will save us all." Ugh.

Now as far as Xena, that was my SECRET obsession..well, not really obsession...just short of it I guess though. LOL I was dedicated, but no one knew I watched it *yes I know I'm weird like that* To answer the questions though, here I go:

1) I'm more for Xena all the way. Ahhh I remember little me running around with a frisbee as a chakram and a stick as a sword. LOL
2) Wellll for the longest time I was like "Romantic Friendship" but after having them pretty much "come out" in the 6th season, I'd have to say yes, they are lovers
3) Season 2
4) A Day in the Life ( parrish, the ep you're talking about is "Is There a Doctor in the House?" yep, I'm sad hehe)
5) Ares was one hottttt god. ESPECIALLY with the short hair cut *drools*
6) Ending...:bebebe: Bad ending, not what I expected
7) I have no idea how they could bring Xena back. She's died and come back so many times...her and Gabby both. So however they do it (IF they do), it'll be a big surprise

Here's one more question though:

8) Ever read fanfiction for either of the shows? Which one? Me? I read Xena fanfic...I was quite satisfied with M&S relationship so I didn't want to read anyone else's opinion on it, but X&G...well, diff story. :heh: Well enough with my rambling.

karxwp 30-06-2003 21:31

reviving the old times :)
1) Who's your fave? Xena or Gabrielle?
XENA OF COURSE! (It's like with tatu Lena or Yulia or course Yulia)
2) Lovers or just good friends?
Good friends my ass...lovers of course!
3) Favourite season?
3, 4, 6.
4) Favourite episode?
When fates collide, the Ring trilogy, in sickness and in hell, bitter suite, maternal insctincs, etc.
5) Favourite character other than Xena and Gabrielle?
Autolicus, Ares.
6) The ending - inspired or horrible?
7) If there's indeed a movie - how should they bring Xena back?
I don't care how they have to bring her back! :)
8) about fanfics...oh well I read almost every fanfic about X&G...

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