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robbie 18-12-2021 16:23

Interview: Japanese "Dogatch"


Japanse talk show appearance

Here are some clip shorts from Lena’s recent visit to the Japanese talk show Konya Kurabete Mimashita where she was one of the guests. Below are some excerpts from an online article about her appearance. It is great to see Lena partaking in Japanese television after 16 years! @lenakatina

When asked if she remembers her activities in Japan, she said, "Of course I remember. I love Japan! I was very happy to be able to go to Japan after reading “Memoirs of a Geisha”. I want to go to Kyoto too” she said and when asked for a memorable place,she mentioned "Tsukiji's Sushi Zanmai.”

In a talk about alcohol, she says, "I drink from time to time. Depending on the mood at that time, wine, champagne, whiskey, cognac. But I also like beer and I love Japanese beer." Her favorite beer is "Asahi".

In addition, she revealed that she was addicted to Japanese animation when she was active in Japan. She said she liked "DEATH NOTE"

”Did you have to ride on what the adults had created?" "The image of tATu at that time was" provocative." This was directed by the producer. Producers wanted to increase the number of provocative gimmicks,” she recalled.

”It was the order of the person who was the producer at the time that we were young...I had no choice but to obey." [believed to be about the pulling out last minute of a Japanese appearance]

When asked if she was in contact with her then companion Julia, Lena said, "No, I haven't seen her right now. I'm planning a concert next spring, so maybe I'll contact her around that time…”

VeronicaF 14-01-2022 22:21

Thanks for including the translation Robbie! :)

Qirek 24-05-2022 21:49

Thank you very much!!

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