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FiorE 27-08-2009 01:56

alive- the black eyed peas

Sammy 27-08-2009 05:01

Flyleaf - Again

dradeel 27-08-2009 17:02

Dead By April... everything of them really, but Losing You is fan-bloody-tastic. :D

AshMcAuliffe 01-09-2009 11:51

Back into listening to The West Pole album by The Gathering

fanoff 02-09-2009 23:34

Petek Dincoz - Foolish Casanova

It was made in 2002 and was a laughing matter here :lol: You'll know what I mean when you see the video.

The most impressive lyrics of this are "If you look at other chicks,I will show you what it means,what it means,what it what it what it what it" :lol:

FiorE 06-09-2009 04:32

engaƱame - la quinta estacion :love::love::love:

Endri 13-09-2009 16:49

Muse - Resistance. :D The whole album is amazing! :love:

Khartoun2004 13-09-2009 17:07

I found a new band called Darling Parade... They are like a cross between Paramore, Automatic Loveletter and Hey Monday... Good band, Never Fall Down is my favorite song by them.

AshMcAuliffe 13-09-2009 21:20

Deadland by Theatre of Tragedy
The new record is shaping up to be yet another classic! :D

AshMcAuliffe 16-09-2009 03:03

Silence by PJ Harvey

Endri 16-09-2009 19:17

Radiohead - Videotape.

sakuya 16-09-2009 19:44

Thursday - on the other side of the crash

robbie 16-09-2009 21:57

Madonna - Revolver just leaked! Bang! Bang! Bang!

little_polar_bear 16-09-2009 22:12

Erasure - Take me back... Ah, once started I can never stop listening...

Endri 16-09-2009 22:34

Mika - Relax

AshMcAuliffe 17-09-2009 16:10

Breakdown - Tenek

Endri 17-09-2009 17:03

PCD - Hush Hush

sakuya 17-09-2009 17:32


Originally Posted by Endri (Post 389413)
PCD - Hush Hush

I love that one!

Gloria Gaynor - I will survive

Endri 17-09-2009 18:00


Originally Posted by sakuya (Post 389417)
Gloria Gaynor - I will survive

Isn't it the same song? :lalala:

Coldplay - Yellow

AshMcAuliffe 17-09-2009 19:08

Gnosis - Ulver
Am I an eccentric music listener Tatysite?

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