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Lena Katina Lovers

Group Created by robbie


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  1. groove
    21-08-2008 01:39
    THE BEST! she iis so cute, love her voice !
  2. TaTy_DuDe
    20-08-2008 04:16
    I adore Lena because she is simply fantastic
    Beautiful, sweet, funny etc. This girl is perfection on legs ;P
  3. FiorE
    20-08-2008 03:33
    I adore her cause she`s so sweet sweetness comes out of her anytime, Love her voice and she has that great attitude, it reflects clearly on her smile and eyes <3
  4. novayamodel
    20-08-2008 01:10
    I used to be a Yulia fan but... I think that Lena is more honest, smart, and artistic as crazy malchik said.
    She has become such a wonderful and sincere woman. Very human, natural and thoughtful.
  5. Joopy
    19-08-2008 22:21
    I adore Lena as a human being (what I know of her) and the voice that she brings to t.A.T.u. music.
  6. Sammy
    19-08-2008 21:54
    Hmm, I guess because she's smart, beautiful, ... I can go on if you'd like :]
  7. crazy malchik
    19-08-2008 21:19
    crazy malchik
    Because she's red... and hot... and cute... and artistic! Shut up there!
  8. robbie
    19-08-2008 21:03
    Why we adore Lena?

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