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Conversation Between QueenBee and AshMcAuliffe
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  1. QueenBee
    16-05-2009 10:23
    Haaaaaaay! LOL I jinxed the sunshine! You're welcome! I just woke up and it's quite cold and grey here too, awesomeeee And I'm super proud of myself 'cause I did some major cleaning in my room yesterday so I no longer have a bunch of things lying around everywhere, go me! I need to have everything in order around me or else I can't focus or relax. Sucks being a perfectionist sometimes

    I gotta do some studying today (I'm not in school but it's for my driver's license) but I'm sooo lazy... and I found a bottle of vodka downstairs, my brother was partying last night, so how can I not get drunk today Maybe I'll join you in the Eurovision thingy, except it doesn't interest me so much anymore... oh well.

    Wooo long comment! Anyway I hope you're doing well, and if there's no sunshine today either - you're welcome
  2. AshMcAuliffe
    15-05-2009 11:37
    Morning! I think you may have jinxed the sunshine as it's dark, grey, windy and rainy! lol Perfect weather to just curl up on the couch with the laptop and type away! Cannot wait for Eurovision final tomorrow night. Have no idea what i'm doing for it. Hopefully friends will come over and we wil have a session but no alcomahols for me. I'm staying off the stuff! *Hugs*
  3. QueenBee
    14-05-2009 13:13
    PS. Enjoying the sunshine? Pffft I hate sun! It's raining here today and it's the best thing ever, so peaceful and cloudy and everything is gray and smells wonderful.
  4. QueenBee
    14-05-2009 13:12
    Omg bleeeeh, I hate hangovers... usually mine aren't so bad, I just feel a bit weird in the morning and then it's all good. I feel for you! I've only had one major hangover, and I vowed to never drink alcohol again That didn't work out so well... haha. Sorry to hear about the laptop, I can't imagine living without one... which is kind of pathetic isn't it. If it makes you feel any better - my Internet is being dumb and everything is taking ages to load or not loading at all! Probably the most frustrating thing ever. Also everytime you mention my avatar, I feel like changing it Take care sweetie.
  5. AshMcAuliffe
    13-05-2009 17:03
    i am still recovering after Monday night's birthday shenanigans! I ws soooo hungover yesterday. I'm still a wee bit fragile today too. So i've been relaxing all day trying to make myself feel better. It's been a mad week. My laptop broke but i managed to restore it... barely! The screen is a mess but at least i can get online! Yay! I lost loads of song data that i was working on though Bar from all that i've been enjoying the sunshine. It's been great! I'm glad you are well and i like the avatar
  6. QueenBee
    13-05-2009 16:55
    Heeeey you I'm doing okay, just kinda tired 'cause I woke up quite early today... And still I got nothing done I'm super lazy and a great procrastinator How is life treating you?
  7. AshMcAuliffe
    13-05-2009 15:45
    Heya! How is QueenBee doing this fine day? =)
  8. QueenBee
    24-04-2009 16:04
    Good luck, I'm probably gonna change it soon I can't have the same avatar for long, I go nuts
  9. AshMcAuliffe
    24-04-2009 14:35
    OMG! You are evil! I'm gonna be totally mesmerised by that for ages! I LOVE it!!
  10. QueenBee
    24-04-2009 05:19
    Yeah she looked amazing in that video! I got a new avatar now, how's that for hypnotizing

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