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Conversation Between LenoDumas and AshMcAuliffe
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  1. LenoDumas
    16-11-2008 01:45
    LOL! Gosh! (I hate don't know so many "new" words in inglish, like mint for example xD) Ok, I'm glad you have had a good weekend! (I'm seriously happy for you, yep, I don't even know you, but... I think there is no need =)).
    Oh your songs, I have saw a topic about that, I visited once I think heheh Now I'll look forward it handsomisky! xD so.... with nothing else to say! I'm out for today! take care and have a good sunday morning or afternoon or night xD

    p.s: yyou have 169 mesags xD
  2. AshMcAuliffe
    15-11-2008 21:17
    The spider story! tee hee. Thank you kindly. I think you're mint! My weekend is going good thus far. Trying to relax and finish the lyrics to my new songs. Going well. The music is all done thankfully. x
  3. LenoDumas
    15-11-2008 18:57
    Hi ya! =) interesting the trying-to-catch-the-spider story, sorry but it was here, so I read it xD hehehe funny and handsome! :O you got everything! =)
    I hope you got a good weekend as well! =)
  4. AshMcAuliffe
    15-11-2008 18:39
    Howdy! Hope ur weekend is going great! =) =)

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