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Conversation Between Endri and AshMcAuliffe
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  1. Endri
    30-05-2009 18:51
  2. AshMcAuliffe
    13-05-2009 15:46
    Hey Endri. How ya doing? =)
  3. AshMcAuliffe
    27-03-2009 11:06
    Hehe... Cheers man. I've said my last wee bit and that is all i'm going to say on the Lady GagGag situation. It's done. Now it is the weekend i can relax and enjoy the sunshine! Whoop!!
  4. Endri
    27-03-2009 01:34
    AshMcAuliffe, don't be upset by stupid teenage impulsive reactions! Have a nice time, bro!
  5. AshMcAuliffe
    15-11-2008 22:38
    cheers muchly!
  6. Endri
    15-11-2008 22:22
    Good luck with your album!
  7. AshMcAuliffe
    15-11-2008 21:42
    im doing ok. My stomach infection has come back so im housebound but doing well. Finished the music for my new album and have been working on the lyrics all day. Coming along well. A quiet weekend therefore. Glad you are well work sucks
  8. Endri
    15-11-2008 21:39
    Oh, thank you! I'm ok, i have a lot of work to go what about you? are you having a great time?
  9. AshMcAuliffe
    15-11-2008 21:35
    Howdy! How ya doin?? Hope ur weekend is going grand
  10. Endri
    15-09-2008 12:30
    Hmm i'm fine, just waiting for HS but nothing

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