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Conversation Between barzha 01 and YuliaNichyaa
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  1. YuliaNichyaa
    14-05-2009 14:56
    I posted under the rusisan groups (singers like kontakt,tema, ect are int hat section of the forum.
    My nEW post is titled "DIW Accord, bmw disco, lillya, and ukey.
    heres the link to it.

    I have song from DIW-accord it is called fantastika, and 3 other songs form three other artists and I have been looking everywhere for the Russian lyrics and I could not find them anywhere.

    Would anybody be kind enough to find the Russian lyrics or decypher the Russian lyrics for me? i do NOT need ENGLISh lyrics). Thank you here's the link to the song. also I have 3 other songs too

    1. diw accord- "fantastika"

    2. BMW disco - "Ne tebye nigde"

    3. Ukey "devochka"

    5. Lillya "ne ya"

    Would you be kind enough to decypher the lyrics for me (NO english translation needed). You can email them to me at
    Attach the lyrics in a word document.
  2. barzha 01
    24-04-2009 18:43
    barzha 01
    OK, I sent the lyrics of first two songs.
  3. YuliaNichyaa
    23-04-2009 17:03
    I emailed you yesterday regarding the songs.
  4. barzha 01
    22-04-2009 15:52
    barzha 01
    Yes, I can help you. Would you want me to translate those lyrics or just write it in russian? You can e-mail me
  5. YuliaNichyaa
    19-04-2009 17:27
    Would you be kind enough to help me?
  6. barzha 01
    18-04-2009 22:58
    barzha 01
    Yes I speak russian
  7. YuliaNichyaa
    18-04-2009 22:52
    I am asking because I have russian songs that I listen to and I cannot find the lyrics ANYwhere on the internet. Is there any way that I can email you (I dont have instant messanger) and give you the links to my songs?
  8. YuliaNichyaa
    18-04-2009 22:49
    Do you speak russian?

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