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Conversation Between Serduchka Fan and Ghosty
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  1. Serduchka Fan
    23-07-2009 00:48
    Serduchka Fan
    Yeah! I hate people like that too x_x Yay for bisexuals! LOL *high five* I'm a bit hyper tonight for some reason
  2. Ghosty
    22-07-2009 23:25
    Wow. I hate people like that, they should just accept us the way we are. I'm bi too though.
  3. Serduchka Fan
    22-07-2009 19:28
    Serduchka Fan
    lol yeah! mine are so out of control! It doesn't help that Laskovyi Mai released so many albums with 3 different names for each LOL I'm kinda ticked off at the moment... I had been talking to this girl on YouTube and we were getting along great (talking of Yuri Shatunov (who is so cute lol)) and then we got on the subject of Verka Serduchka, and the guy that plays her, Andrei Danilko... well, everything was fine until she was like "Do you think Andrei is gay?" and I was like "Well, I'm not sure. He's never confirmed or denied it." and she was like "He needs to tell the world. I hate gays." and I'm like "Maybe he's bisexual like me." and she was like "Do you know how disgusting and wrong that is? There should only be love between a man and a woman! I hope you get therapy and correct yourself." I was just sitting there like O_O
  4. Ghosty
    22-07-2009 05:27
    Yeah I tried sorting through my mp3 a few days was hell. Haha.
  5. Serduchka Fan
    22-07-2009 03:17
    Serduchka Fan
    I'm pretty good, trying to organize my mp3s... easier said than done, lol.
  6. Ghosty
    22-07-2009 02:33
    I'm fine. How about you?
  7. Serduchka Fan
    22-07-2009 01:48
    Serduchka Fan
    How are you?
  8. Ghosty
    22-07-2009 00:13
  9. Serduchka Fan
    21-07-2009 23:15
    Serduchka Fan
    Hello there!

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