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Conversation Between Talyubittu and Amanda
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  1. Talyubittu
    15-09-2008 04:38
    Улыбки says (10:39 PM):
    ahahahahahahhaa wow at your post
    I laughed so hard
    my mom could hear me in the living room
    "I just hope t.A.T.u. don't copy him and decide to put their bowel contents on the web."

    Веселые says (10:39 PM):
    What did your mom say?

    Веселые says (10:40 PM):
    that's so funny

    Улыбки says (10:40 PM):
    she was just like "shhhh"
    it happens often
    I'm so loud
    when I laugh
    I don't realize it because I have head phones on
  2. Amanda
    24-08-2008 12:40
    I am the first to leave Tim a message on tatysite therefore I am amazing.

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