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Conversation Between fanoff and Endri
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  1. fanoff
    23-07-2009 22:54
    Unfortunately,I don't know any albanian But I really want to go to Kosova some time,definately.My aunt went there a week ago and says it was wonderful over there in Pirishtina.
  2. Endri
    23-07-2009 02:25
    Në qoftë se nuk flet shqip, atëherë duhet të mësosh patjetër!
  3. Endri
    23-07-2009 02:23
    Really? That's awesome. I just found a (semi-)albanian t.A.T.u fan . Do you speak Albanian, then? I'm now in college and I made a lot of friends from Kosova, especially from Prishtina. Glad to know that, really!
  4. fanoff
    22-07-2009 10:59
    you know that i am semi-abanian?my grandfathers came here from pristina.they hardly knew turkish,just albanian.
  5. Endri
    22-07-2009 01:59
    Thank you, fanoff. I'm from Tirana, the capital.
  6. fanoff
    22-07-2009 00:58
    happy late birthday!You're from Albania as I can remember,which city are you from?

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