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Conversation Between QueenBee and little_polar_bear
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  1. little_polar_bear
    19-11-2009 01:13
    Right in time! YAY! Kiss you!
  2. QueenBee
    03-09-2009 21:50
    ! You're adorable! No pressure. You don't even need to reply! I wasn't even expecting you to, I was just rambling on as usual! As long as you know how much I like you, it's all good.
  3. little_polar_bear
    03-09-2009 21:10
    Sweetheart!!!! I am so sorry that I haven't replied to your wonderfully written message yet. I didn't have the time to invest as much love and sweetness you deserve. I hope to do it soon!
  4. little_polar_bear
    21-07-2009 09:56
    Aw, girrrrrl, thank you. You are a total hottie with a smart brain and a great humour! Puss, puss!!!
  5. QueenBee
    18-07-2009 09:51
    Just came by to tell you that you're a total cutie
  6. QueenBee
    02-12-2008 07:44
    :O!!! Wow, that's so sweeeet! Made my day, really! Actually, you made my entire week!
  7. little_polar_bear
    02-12-2008 00:52
    Thanks for your amazing job today, Monika!!! Copying pix can be a pain in the ass. I am happy to have you here, always bringing a smile to my face

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