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Conversation Between Vermouth and dradeel
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  1. dradeel
    11-10-2008 06:34
    Well... you can slap my face with your flat hand. That'll be sexy And why won't you slap my ass? If you were drunk, would you do it then? Hehehehe.

    And I'd slap your ass even if you'd let me or not! Okay ... I might've grabbed your ass, not slap it. Or perhaps I'd slap it anyways... hmmm... not sure. We'll see when we meet up! Hehehe
  2. Vermouth
    11-10-2008 06:05
    Not your face, huh? Why? Are you afraid that you will be no longer sweety ? Slap your ass maybe my last option , but wait,, yeah i think that i will shave out your hair
    And about mine,, oops i think that you can't touch that
  3. dradeel
    11-10-2008 05:50
    Don't punch my face! at least not with your fist! You can slap my ass! And then I can slap yours? *Rrrr* Hehehe.
  4. Vermouth
    11-10-2008 05:44
    Hahaha, glad you do. Then I won't hesitate to do that , can't wait to punch a metalhead face
  5. dradeel
    11-10-2008 05:41
    You can punch me all you want. Pain and pleasure, you know That will just turn me on even more! Hehehe.
  6. Vermouth
    11-10-2008 05:40
    LOL,, I will get you there and punching you naughty boy,,

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