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Conversation Between AshMcAuliffe and Endri
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  1. AshMcAuliffe
    08-12-2009 04:55
    Howdy dudey! How's it going? I cannot sleep! I have far too much coffee today! =/
  2. Endri
    06-12-2009 21:29
  3. AshMcAuliffe
    17-07-2009 15:27
    muhaha. Andrew is class! That's my real name but i've always preferred to use my middle name of Ashley. So how are enjoying the US?
  4. Endri
    17-07-2009 02:03
    I'm currently in USA and people here have difficulties in pronouncing my name. Therefore I found the solution: "Hello, my name is Andew"
  5. AshMcAuliffe
    17-07-2009 01:13
    It will be interesting to hear what she does next. Minus her hubby though. i want to try her perfume too
  6. Endri
    17-07-2009 00:32
    She will release a new record this winter!
  7. AshMcAuliffe
    16-07-2009 22:20
    Under My Skin by Avril rocks hard! I saw her tour this album and it cemented my admiration
  8. Endri
    14-07-2009 01:57
    Thanks, man.
    It won't be my best b-day, as I am far away from my family, and desperately looking for a summer job. However, I'll drink some beers with my friends.
  9. AshMcAuliffe
    14-07-2009 01:35
  10. AshMcAuliffe
    30-05-2009 23:41
    Hey dude. How ya doing? I'm pretty good. Just watched a classic Christopher Lee movie called "The Devil Rides Out" I love occult chillers! =)

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