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Conversation Between AshMcAuliffe and dradeel
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  1. dradeel
    24-08-2009 00:37

    I have a weakness for 'Echoes and Artifacts' and Ethernaut. I think Ethernaut will be the better purchase of the two though, if I had to choose, so go with that one! It's also much easier to get your hands on I think. Hehe.
  2. AshMcAuliffe
    23-08-2009 20:14
    Hey!! How ya doing? =)
    i was wondering if you could recommend me a Cruxshadows album? Adam's going to buy me one as a gift and i wanted to ask you which one to get
  3. AshMcAuliffe
    28-05-2009 11:34
    it was YUMMY!!!!! =)
  4. dradeel
    27-05-2009 16:50
    I didn't hear anything about how the cooking went. Was it that horrible? T_T

    I made chicken grill spits on sunday night. I must honestly admit I used all too much lemon juice for chickens, but the one or two beef grill spits I made turned out good.

    How about you?
  5. dradeel
    22-05-2009 23:45
    w00tw00t! Tell me how it went tomorrow (which is today over here, hahaha)!

    I'm drunk. I've just seen Kamelot and Dimmu Borgir live. It was frickin awesome!
  6. AshMcAuliffe
    22-05-2009 15:27
    BOO! I am cooking your recipe tomorrow night! Wish me luck =)
  7. dradeel
    17-05-2009 18:06
    Hahahaha Yeeey! I ruv Murray! Hehehe.

    I didn't find quotes of the conversation I had in mind when you said Boo!! earlier though, but it's the one I always remembered, where Murray says "Boo!" and of course Threepwood is "scared" and Murray then goes on his tirade on evilness and demonic powers. Hahaha. I just love that, cause it sounds so extremely "constructed" in the game. Murray sounds so happily evil for himself while Threepwood isn't scared at all and just indulges the poor little talking skull. Hehe.

    "I will hide your keys beneath the cushions of your upholstered furniture! And nevermore will you be able to find socks that match!"
  8. AshMcAuliffe
    17-05-2009 16:55
    OMG! You said the code word... the code word that always makes me smile... MONKEY ISLAND! It does sound suspiciously like something Murray the Skull would say

    Guybrush Threepwood: Do you know anything about lifting curses?
    Murray: Oh, right. I know a lot about lifting curses. That's why I'm a disembodied talking skull sitting on top of a spike in the middle of a swamp.
    Guybrush Threepwood: You seem bitter.
    Murray: I'm sorry. It's been a rough day.
  9. dradeel
    17-05-2009 14:16
    Haha, did Murray ever say that? "Murray?" you might ask, and I answer: "Of course, Monkey Island 3!"
  10. AshMcAuliffe
    16-05-2009 10:19
    "Muhahahah I sold my soul to a snail and now i have the almighty power of slowing the world down and making everyone slow... muhahahahahahahahahah"

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