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Conversation Between little_polar_bear and Edgar
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  1. little_polar_bear
    14-12-2008 13:58
    Gracias, my love I always have problems to copy those URLs hehe.
  2. Edgar
    13-12-2008 22:10
    Of course, My little girl
  3. little_polar_bear
    13-12-2008 16:37
    Edgar, my great love. Could you please tell me the download URL for this vid from the Elle Fashion Awards? Gracias!!!
  4. Edgar
    07-12-2008 11:31
    Dear Aileen, I mean say If you would use your voice to read things that I will write, But if you want to use someone else, It will be good for me, Of course if you still want to try it with me

    With Love form Your stalker
  5. little_polar_bear
    30-11-2008 23:44
    Edgar, how shall I record your voice if we can't talk via skype? :s It is easy to install skype but of course you don't need to do that just for me. If you want to write something, I could try to find someone who could read it for you....
  6. Edgar
    30-11-2008 22:16
    No, but you would to do it for me?
  7. little_polar_bear
    30-11-2008 12:32
    Ok, dear. Can you record your voice with your computer? :s
  8. Edgar
    30-11-2008 08:35
    I don't have skype I would like to do it for next podcast
    btw i loved Hot N Cold by Katty, She has a good album
  9. little_polar_bear
    29-11-2008 15:25
    Edgar, you are too wonderful... I am happy that you'll have vacations soon, but I will hardly be online since I have sooooooo much to do... I am sorry...but do you have skype? We could talk about t.A..u. for the next podcast...
  10. Edgar
    28-11-2008 10:39
    I love you so much, I will have my vacations soon.... so I will have more time

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