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Conversation Between little_polar_bear and fanoff
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  1. little_polar_bear
    12-09-2009 00:29
    Well, I will be writing assignments. So, if you wanna join me, let me know Just don't take me too serious, please - not when talking about t.A.T.u. and esp. their team We'll see what happens.
  2. fanoff
    11-09-2009 22:59
    Yeah I understand, but I won't be disappointed if I like what I will hear. I already know it won't be a success I don't think Yulia project will be a success either. They can't do anything without a support of a proper label. Thanks, as I'll be leaving the town for school, it won't be a enjoyable weekend. So enjoy fo me too this weekend!
  3. little_polar_bear
    11-09-2009 21:09
    Hi pal! I was just kidding as I am very often not to become numb from disappointment - just happy smiles, right?! Anyways, Lena can do whatever she is told and as I stated, tatutik brought up this idea with the lipstick - but yeah, that's the first thing that came to my mind. I think it is natural. Also, to see Lena even if it's for other reasons "naked" in the bathroom. Enjoy your weekend!

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