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Conversation Between little_polar_bear and robbie
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  1. robbie
    20-04-2016 14:17
  2. little_polar_bear
    29-07-2010 22:43
    Yes, I love it too. My, you have so many profile visits. Haha <3
  3. little_polar_bear
    21-01-2010 16:11
  4. little_polar_bear
    15-07-2009 19:21
    Thanks, honey. I miss tatysite, too. I'm too busy at times and on other days not motivated enough. To me it really seems that at the moment Katina and Volkova don't speak at all. I trust Yulia and she must have had a reason to say that there were only insults and nothing left. I don't like it and I especially don't like it as I have imagined it, that fat Renski is sitting there together with Katina trying to make this super BIG (his fav word) project now to prove himself or who ever that they can do it without bitchy, egoistic Volkova, now that she and her lover have packed their stuff and left, my opinion... It looks really bad and as a t.A.T.u. fan it hurts to see their what ever kind of bond that was being drifted so far apart in such a short time, now that all is settled and done... Oh well... I don't listen to or watch t.A.T.u. at all right now.
  5. robbie
    15-07-2009 19:10
    I miss you here, baby
  6. little_polar_bear
    25-02-2009 20:23
    Your comment for that chat thing on the official forum sums it up all. Exactly! Kisses!

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