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Conversation Between dradeel and Vermouth
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  1. dradeel
    24-10-2008 11:51
    Hahaha, sweet! And of course I won't insult you! I'd never want to insult anyone.

    I too can only speak english besides my own language. I did learn some german in school, but that's all gone and forgotten. Never liked the language either. I wish I could learn japanese in school. That would be far more fun! (well, at least if I liked the same things then as I like now).

    Hahahahaha You're too cute. Haha. Okay then, chat room. I guess I can settle with that
  2. Vermouth
    23-10-2008 02:44
    Hahaha,, yeah of course, we can make a deal, I'll show you the pic that you want to see, and then you'll show me the pic of yours with short hair. But don't laugh and insult me after you see that, okay?

    Yeah, language is very interesting, it's like the poor of me can only speak english

    Whaaaaaatttt? no, no, absolutely he said chat room, not other,,
  3. dradeel
    22-10-2008 13:32
    Of course I won't forget about you! You are my favourite indonesian after all!

    Hmm... okay, I'll see if I can find a picture of myself with short hair --- but ooooonly if you'll show me that picture I've been wanting to see. You know which one

    I wish I liked to learn languages, hehe, cause I'd study it easily (along with a bunch of other lanugages, like spanish and japanese for instance. Russian too for that matter. Hehe).

    You sure he said chat room and not hotel room? Maaaw... Hehehe
  4. Vermouth
    22-10-2008 10:43
    Finally,, I thought that you have forgotten me,,
    Hahaha,, seriously I want to see your pic with the short hair,, pleaseeeee,, you must be so cute

    Hahaha, you should learn it from me then ,, not much he just said that all of my comments is from you and that you and I should move to the chat room coz we are like chat in the visitor message :P
  5. dradeel
    20-10-2008 19:47
    I'm a little sado-masochistic on the side, so the punishment can involve pain... Hahaha. But as I've always said: "Pain and pleasure are just two sides of the same thing" And I can't think a single picture of me with short hair can be sexy, cause I've had long hair since I was 15-16 years old. Seriously, if you'll find a little 13-14 year old fat kid sexy, then you're one special woman! Hehe.

    And what is this talking about me here? I don't know indonesian!

    - outer_space23: Hiya... Not much is up. This answer comes a little late. Didn't notice the "message notifier", but yeah; Hello there "vermouth's best friend, really best friend"!
  6. Vermouth
    12-10-2008 02:37
    Ahahaha,,cant wait to see what kind of the punishment will be
    And can you show me your pic with shorter hair?it will be awesome,, I bet it must be much sexier
  7. dradeel
    11-10-2008 17:59
    I'm not sure what the punishment will be... We'll just have to see...

    And no, you'll never see me with short hair - not today or in the future that is There are pictures of me with shorter hair, but I was little then, so that's not cool. Hehe. And my long hair sexier than any short hair can ever be... at least on me.
  8. Vermouth
    11-10-2008 15:28
    LMAO,, I know that your hair is your weakness ,but I really want to see you with short hair,though seems like I will never see that ,and what kind of punishment that you'll do to me?*preparing myself to run*
  9. dradeel
    11-10-2008 07:04
    Whaaaat?! You will never shave my long and beautiful hair! All of my sexiness is in my hair! If I lose that then I'll be the most unsexy man in the world, and then I'd have to punish you severely for your actions! I think I actually have to punish you for just thinking something like that... hehe

    And what if I gave you a slap on your ass? Hehehe. Would you have to slap mine then? Or would you perhaps bite me?
  10. Vermouth
    11-10-2008 06:44
    No,,, it will be much better for me if I shave out your hair, then you will be a"real HOT SEXY guy in the world" ,, amd yeah we'll see that whether you can slap me or not

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