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Conversation Between Cats_In_The_Hat and dradeel
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  1. dradeel
    14-02-2009 16:27
    Heya! Thought I'd comment on Deathstars here, so not fill the whole thread with off topic-ness. Hehe.

    He do have a very special voice, indeed, and I kinda had to get used to it at first. Songs like Tongues, Cyanide and Termination Bliss were key for me to start loving the band and getting used to the vocals. Now I just love the guy - both his image and his voice. It's a nice contrast; he has this awesome feminine and slightly bdsm image, but the manliest voice imaginable when singing. Hehe.

    And I completely agree with you that the vocals are undoubtably the most important part of a band. If I can't like the vocals, I can't like the music. If I like the vocals I can like more or less any type of music

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