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Tatu in Podnebesnaya. Releases from 07.02.04 and 08.02.04. [aka Eps. 7 & 8]

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Old 11-02-2004, 21:19   #101
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Thanks sunny poison
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well, no need to thank me guys *blushes* *takes all the roses*
I'm just doing the best I can do... I feel a bit guilty that I'm the only one here who has the ability to see the show. U always provide lots of help so my lame reports are the lest I can do for u back

and coolie, yeah... I remember Kiper saying that. I warned u I wasn't in the best condition watching the Saturday episode lol But I did my best with the Sunday one I recorded some bad quality mp3 for myself, so the report was pretty full

and yay! I'm queenie's fav russian!!! lol Do u know many?

hmm.... btw, why do I get the feeling Yulia and Kiper look so alike at times? They have same facial expressions and guestures... sometimes it seems Kiper is how Yulia would look like if she stayed blond and was a bit older. Stupid I know... but I get this feeling every time I see Kiper. May be it's coz Yulia was 14 when they met and Kiper could have some influence on her? u know... lil girls take a lot from older ones. I remember adoring my older cousin when I was 14... lol... now even I notice we have same guestures at times... but at least ppl never doubt we are relatives

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actully sunny i agree with you on that about kiper and yulia lol and thanks for the reoprts it is nice to read about thre show at least man it stinks that no one is able to cap it. And queenie is not the only one who think you are the fav russian here i do to . you always let us know what is goign on over there first hand
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actually after watching the clips kiper bares an uncanny resemblance to yulia, albeit vague. she's hot, nevertheless

sunnypoison - thank you for the report
The Complete™ forever

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thank you thank you thank you...Sunny Poison
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About Lena Kiper and Ivan
The whole interview had this strange mood... she was smiling... sometimes it was sad smile... sometimes a happy one... she sounded like she did blame only herself for being that stupid and not anyone else...
Then she said why she left the project. That she felt loved less with every new day... the feeling was stronger and stronger... and it wasn't about Ivan only...
I was listening to the song Nich'ya .. both TATU's and Lena Kiper -Nichya's ...funny about the same title for the songs too ..and the lyrics... are they actually sending msg to each other?

I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
I will protect you
From all the crazy schemes

You traded in your wings
For everything freedom brings

You never left me
You never let me
See what this feeling means
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haku, Thanks for the link on the Russian forum. "Your" article says that the signed copy of the claim to terminate the contract with Neformat will be handed over to Ivan in the next Episode of the show. So, stay tuned, ppl!
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Ooooh, suspense!

I think the conflict between the girls and Ivan is real, to some extent, but it's odd how perfectly it fits into the format of the reality show... : And how the show goes from the recording of an album to the breaking of a contract. Maybe it is real, after all.
la profundidad.
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Can't wait. Lol.
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Thanx for the report Sunny Poison...

I finally get the whole crown thing - that had me confused.


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