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Westerners do it better

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Originally Posted by madeldoe
all the asian countries are lowest
True but the study did imply that most of the subjects interviewed were in the 50+, baby boomer demographic for all countries. Which would explain the low percentages overall, I mean Freddie's right; there are men who don't orgasm?

More specifically however, this just indicates the attitude towards sex at a certain time in some countries; being moreso male-dominated then than now. The study was more about how older couples in Western countries are enjoying sex as much as younger ones. When only surveying a younger age demographic then I think the averages would go up considerabley for every region except the Middle East where the gender equality is worse now than before.

I mean c'mon Japan then is way different than Japan now, especially with all that hentai shit.

The only reason why I posted countries rather than age demographics within countries is becuase I don't want to even think about 80+ year olds getting it on.
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