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"I Vse Normalno" ["Everything is Fine"] ~ New Song from Podnebesnaya.

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Old 04-02-2004, 00:54   #121
coolasfcuk coolasfcuk is offline
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thanks for the clip!

Originally posted by Lux
now i wanna think snow + lines + paranoia + invincibility = a coke high
ha ha you nailed it down Lux!

so... listened.. and um.... .. that Yulia voice... poor girl! obviouslly lots of problems in that department.... so.... the future doesnt seem too bright... since I dont see too much efforts put into recovering Yulia... for the clip itself ... it was interesting to hear Lena say: "I wont scream! I cant!" and Ivan: "Only once!"..Lena: scream once? .... ok.. everybody cover your ears!" haha....

and the lyrics... ha ha... oh god so interesting piece of art.. just like mine.. and it took me whole 40 sec to write about the reality.. and people were finding completely different meaning in them.. so I would say... anybody trying to search for a deeper meaning in their lyrics... ha ha... good luck
oh... o!
Old 04-02-2004, 08:45   #122
xena225 xena225 is offline
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Originally posted by coolasfcuk
and the lyrics... [...] piece of art.. just like mine..
I think your lyrics are funny, in an endearing kind of way, but, forgive me, miles away from the eloquent power of tATu's lyrics. I guess as it only took you 40 seconds to write them, you didn't really put much thought and planning into it (I could be wrong, though). As a persiflage, it works on some levels, though the actual content doesn't have much to do with the original words, and therefore it might not be obvious right away. But thank you for sharing. tATu obviously inspired you to be creative, which is good, I guess.

Old 05-02-2004, 21:56   #123
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I just wanted to say that i've uploaded the mp3 to 0newinged's ftp.
Patrick | t.E.A.m. [ ]
Old 09-02-2004, 15:39   #124
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According to the team of composers from Tallin, working with t.A.T.u., another songs, that will be included in the new album are:
Belochka (Squirrel)
Ya Budu (I will)
Ty Soglasna (You agree)
V Kosmose Skvoznyaki (Draughts In Space)
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forre, thank you! Kisses
Monika | t.E.A.m. [ <3 ] [ 11 ]
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Thanks Forre...wierd titles though.
Old 09-02-2004, 16:55   #127
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Thanks forre

new songs...*dances* songs the titles sound weird but in a way interesting...squirrel I wonder what that could be about..
"Asking the right questions will make all the doubts go away." ~ German teacher
"Having the right doubts will make all the questions go away." ~ My best(est) friend ^^


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