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Madonna kisses Britney & Christina @ VMA

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Old 19-10-2005, 22:28   #101
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Originally Posted by darje
...Yulia and Lena did it because it was part of their image. The Three Stooges did it because they all needed the publicity, and let's be honest, what's hotter than two emptyheaded blondes kissing each other? It oddly struck me of Penthouse porn: Expensive, blonde, and meaningless.
Exactly. There seemed to be feeling between whar Y&L did (well, that wasn't, but that's another issue LOL) where as what Madonna did was tasteless and without meaning - it was as though it was 3 robots kissing.

Originally Posted by darje
Yulia and Lena might or might've not been gay but the one thing that's gone through their life and came back, is the fact that they've never failed to say "we LOVE each other". It made several people, me included, feel better about ourselves. We had no examples, no girls our age that took up the flag and said "love whomever, it's not wrong". Odds are, a couple of us wouldn't even be who we are today if we had never learned of Tatu (and I say Tatu as a concept, not Yulia and Lena as individuals).
Yeah that is definately true. The one positive thing that they have brought from this is giving lots of people (including myself) the courage the come out to people and not hide.

Although I wasn't alive, I can't image Madonna ever really had that much of an effect. And kissing B&C certainly hasn't helped people come to terms with their sexuality - it has just made lots more people more anti.

I am going to move all this to the previous thread we had on this issue.

EDIT: Moved.
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Old 19-10-2005, 22:46   #102
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Madonna is hugely respected by many gay women, unlike Tatu. Just look at some other UK gay women's forums - especially now her new single Hung Up is out. Yes, she did have relationships with women. Even though she's gone religious and found this Kabbalah thing - she's never denied it.

The kissing thing with B and C was just a performance, that's it. I'm told it was a fun celebration of her career - nothing to be to be taken seriously. (she did kiss women in her vids long before Tatu) I also believe that Caresse Henry had a role in that idea.

(Oops. I found this thread and am altering my other post)
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Old 26-10-2005, 22:09   #103
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Okay, so Madonna's sexually ambigous. So effin' what? She's hardly an example for curious people who need a push in the right direction. She's her very own private person with a present career (yes, gasp, I said present, present as in now, thank yew very mush) that does not border in sexual nor needs scandal to be taken anywhere. She's a really good artist! Yes, she is, and maybe that slutty-ass kiss for HER was justified (and "maybe" is a far-fetched opinion since she didn't feel a thing for Britney and/or Xtina), but it still displayed a very poor image of what people want and buy in America.

Yulia and Lena are young artists who, not unlike many of us, have grown up and decided what was best for them. Not only I respect them because they came out of nowhere and into the lives of young people who needed to hear "It is not wrong to love, not even if the one you love is the same gender as you" to feel right about themselves. They're 5, almost 6, years deep into their music career nowadays, and by god they're the ONLY pop artist I've never heard or read that said "my whole career was inspired by Madonna".

I dunno to the rest of the people in here, but to me, they were a deep breathe of fresh air back in 2003, pop music with meaning behind it, which is why I was so offended to see the Three Stooges kiss. It just wasn't justified then, and it definitely isn't justified now.
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Old 03-11-2005, 18:14   #104
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hmm, i just saw this thread.

i have to say that i agree to all of you to some level. but my opinion is this: madonna has never had a message in her music that would have an impact on people's personal lives. all she does is entertain, that's it. and she does it by means of promoting sexuality. in a well distorted, exaggerated way - maybe not in all her songs/vids/performances, but still. i mean that woman has created an image for herself that just screams 'sex'. she could be bi in real life, but who cares really? i mean she 'fucked' a stage for pete's sake (that notorious 'like a virgin' performace?). even now, she's a married woman with 2 kids and i tell you it wouldn't surprise me if she'd french-kiss michael jackson or shag sheeps on stage! well... i dont believe she's THAT tasteless, but, please, kissing shitney & xtina? that would be just taking it one step further.

anyway, my point, right? well, madonna does it all for entertainment and people know that by now. what tATu did was take it far beyond entertainment, right down to the individual's heart and back. they created the 'gay' phenomenon in pop culture (and particularly in music) at the beginning of the 21st century. Madonna had stopped kissing women in vids 10 years earlier and the kiss between her, titney and xtina took place AFTER tATu were already well-known. the kiss between the 2 guys in xtina's "beautiful" video took place also after that. same-sex kissing in blink 182 and robbie's vids took place AFTER the tATu phenomenon. but these 'imitations', if you will, belong to another story.

so, FINALLY, what i want to say is that madonna has drawn a line between the entertainer and the person she is. whileas with tATu it was different (i'm talking about the "200 km/h.." era here). by the people with brains, they weren't perceived as having a "oh they're so hot! yeah, kiss some more for daddy" type of image. their message was not a sexual one, but a rather spiritual one. which is more than i can say for madonna. but that's not a bad thing. it's just that madonna has a different image than the one tATu had and you just can't compare the two.

for me, the kiss between madonna and those two 'pop-princesses-my-ass' had absolutely no effect whatsoever. i didn't hate it and i didn't love it. like i neither hate, nor love love porn-stars kissing and what not on the internet, tv, in mags etc etc etc. it's just a shallow thing, all based on visuals. tATu were FAR beyond that. they were so brilliantly produced that they worked on every possible angle.

Originally Posted by darje
they're the ONLY pop artist I've never heard or read that said "my whole career was inspired by Madonna".
and the only ones in the world to say that Kylie Minogue looks like their grandmother
and, btw, this again come to prove that tATu aren't to be compared to anyone, because they were unique.
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