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The Soundtrack to YOUR life

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Old 19-05-2004, 15:15   #1
DAZ DAZ is offline
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The Soundtrack to YOUR life

if they made your life into a cliched teen comedy romance type film, what songs would you put in the soundtrack of it to set the different scenes? like...

~ opening credits:
~ waking-up scene:
~ average-day scene:
~ best-friend scene:
~ first-date scene:
~ falling-in-love scene:
~ love scene:
~ fight-with-friend scene:
~ break up scene:
~ get-back-together scene:
~ fights-at-home scene:
~ 'life's okay' scene:
~ heartbreak scene:
~ mental-breakdown scene:
~ driving scene:
~ lesson-learning scene:
~ deep-thought scene:
~ flashback scene:
~ party scene:
~ regret scene:
~ happy-dance song:
~ long-night-alone scene:
~ closing credits:

I stole this from another site and it's harder than it looks!
I filled it in this morning and have changed my mind with half of them already so i'll post my updated soundtrack later!!
Everybodys born to do a certain thing,If you're dead jammy you find it.
If you're good at it keep doing it.If you're fed up go and do something else.
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Old 19-05-2004, 20:30   #2
XtremeHollywood XtremeHollywood is offline
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Send a message via AIM to XtremeHollywood
~ opening credits: Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
~ waking-up scene: Duran Duran - The Reflex
~ average-day scene: Beck - Tropicalia
~ best-friend scene: Jet - Rollover DJ
~ first-date scene: Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts
~ falling-in-love scene: The La's - There She Goes
~ love scene: Adam Ant - Strip
~ fight-with-friend scene: The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
~ break up scene: The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound
~ get-back-together scene: Q-Feel - Dancing In Heaven
~ fights-at-home scene: Tal Talk - It's My Life
~ 'life's okay' scene: Trio - Da Da Da
~ heartbreak scene: The Hives - Find Another Girl
~ mental-breakdown scene: Raveonettes - The Truth About Johnny
~ driving scene: Gary Numan - Cars
~ lesson-learning scene: Harry Belafonte - Man Smart, Woman Smarter
~ deep-thought scene: Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
~ flashback scene: Duran Duran - Hungey Like The Wolf
~ party scene: Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart
~ regret scene: XTC - Dear God
~ happy-dance song: Dead Or ALive - You Spin Me Round
~ long-night-alone scene: The White Stripes - Death Letter
~ closing credits: Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me
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Old 20-05-2004, 00:48   #3
Unplugged Unplugged is offline
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Here it is

~ opening credits: Marusha - "Deep"
~ waking-up scene: DJ Dero - "Batucada"
~ average-day scene: Nina Simone - "Sugar In My Bowl"
~ best-friend scene: Groove Armada - "My Friend"
~ first-date scene: Reamonn - "Supergirl (Album Version)"
~ falling-in-love scene: Air - "All I Need"
~ love scene: Three 'n One - "Soulfreak"
~ fight-with-friend scene: Placebo - "Special Needs"
~ break up scene: Chicane - "No Ordinary Morning"
~ get-back-together scene: Coldplay - "Everything's not lost"
~ fights-at-home scene: Smith & Mighty feat. Tammy Payne - "Same"
~ 'life's okay' scene: Paul van Dyk - "We're Alive"
~ heartbreak scene: Sinead O'Connor - "You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart"
~ mental-breakdown scene: Gary Jules - "Mad World"
~ driving scene: Chemical Brothers - "Out of Control"
~ lesson-learning scene: Morcheeba - "Fear and Love"
~ deep-thought scene: Mew - "Comforting Sounds"
~ flashback scene: Sigur Rós - "Untitled #8"
~ party scene: Moby - "Feeling So Real"
~ regret scene: Three Drives On A Vinyl - "Greece 2000 (Original Mix - Vocal Version)"
~ happy-dance song: The Love Comittee - "Love Rules"
~ long-night-alone scene: Schiller - Dancing With Loneliness
~ closing credits: Coldplay - Amsterdam

Originally Posted by DAZ
I stole this from another site and it's harder than it looks!
Yes, indeed. For some scenes I had to make up my mind between severall songs, because they all addapt to that sort of emotion so well...
But, there can be only one!... So
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Old 20-05-2004, 01:45   #4
cirrus cirrus is offline
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I remember seeing this sorta thing before. It is indeed more difficult once you try it. So here goes.

~ opening credits: Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
~ waking-up scene: Sneaker Pimps - Six Underground
~ average-day scene: Finlay Quaye & William Orbit - Roll The Dice
~ best-friend scene: Bandits - Catch Me
~ first-date scene: Wolfsheim - Care For You
~ falling-in-love scene: Zero 7 - Destiny
~ love scene: SEX scene! Harry - Imagination
~ fight-with-friend scene: Natalie Imbruglia - Identify
~ break up scene: Depeche Mode - Free Love
~ get-back-together scene: Morcheeba - Blindfold
~ 'life's okay' scene: Badly Drawn Boy - Silent Sigh
~ heartbreak scene: Portishead - Roads
~ mental-breakdown scene: Kent - Before It All Ends
~ driving scene: the Cars - Just What I Needed
~ lesson-learning scene: John Lennon - Imagine
~ deep-thought scene: Massive Attack - Teardrop
~ flashback scene: the Cardigans - Erase & Rewind
~ party scene: Siobhan Donaghy - Overrated
~ regret scene: Ivy - Disappointed
~ happy-dance song: 80s music
~ long-night-alone scene: Sneaker Pimps - The Grazes
~ closing credits: Susie van der Meer - Found You
la profundidad.
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Old 20-05-2004, 01:59   #5
Unplugged Unplugged is offline
I don't waste my time
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great soundtrack, cirrus!
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Old 20-05-2004, 12:18   #6
Tom Violence Tom Violence is offline
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~ opening credits: Autechre: VI Scose Poise
~ waking-up scene: Aphex Twin: Xtal
~ average-day scene: Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man: Mysteries
~ best-friend scene: Sonic Youth: Theresa's Sound-World
~ first-date scene: Mogwai: 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
~ falling-in-love scene: Sugarcubes: Birthday
~ sex scene: Air: Le Soleil est Pres de Moi
~ fight-with-friend scene: Sonic Youth: Freezer Burn
~ break up scene: The Vaselines: Son of A Gun
~ get-back-together scene: The Breeders: Off You
~ 'life's okay' scene: Juniper Moon: Me Seinto Mejor
~ heartbreak scene: Pavement: Infinite Spark
~ mental-breakdown scene: Autechre: Gantz Graf
~ lesson-learning scene: Soul Sonic Force: Planet Rock
~ deep-thought scene: Sonic Youth: The Diamond Sea
~ flashback scene: Cornelius: Starfruit Surf-Rider
~ party scene: M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up the Volume
~ regret scene: Boards of Canada: Pete Standing Alone
~ happy-dance song: The Slits: I Heard it Through the Grapevine
~ long-night-alone scene: DJ Shadow: Stem / Long Stem
~ closing credits: Autechre: Lentic Catachresis

Not really that much of a clichéd teen comedy romance, then.
Stay in the underworld with me.
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Old 20-05-2004, 12:26   #7
transcend transcend is offline
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Tom, I think I should consult you regarding my (definitely to be finished this year) screenplay - music in films is very, very, very important.
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Old 20-05-2004, 22:22   #8
DAZ DAZ is offline
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~ opening credits: It's a Long Way to the top-AC/DC
~ waking-up scene:Good Morning-Blackfoot
~ average-day scene: Numb-U2
~ best-friend scene:Perseverance-Terrorvision
~ first-date scene:Laid-James
~ falling-in-love scene:Mr.E's Beautiful Blues-Eels
~ love scene: Smokebelch II(beatless mix)-Sabres of Paradise
~ fight-with-friend scene:Novocaine for the Soul-The Eels
~ break up scene: Change-Blind Melon
~ get-back-together scene:I believe in a thing called love-Darkness
~ fights-at-home scene:Sunshine on Leith-Proclaimers
~ 'life's okay' scene: Cheers Theme-The Wildhearts
~ heartbreak scene: Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve
~ mental-breakdown scene:Modern Day Tragedy -Levellers
~ driving scene: Free Time-Gamma Ray
~ lesson-learning scene:Hate to Say i Told You So-The Hives
~ deep-thought scene:Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd
~ flashback scene:Hey Girl,Hey Boy-Chemical Brothers
~ party scene:Tubthumping-Chumbawamba
~ regret scene:The Likes of You and I-Levellers
~ happy-dance song:Round Round-Sugababes
~ long-night-alone scene:Little Lost Sometimes-The Almighty
~ closing creditsreaming in A-The Wildhearts
Everybodys born to do a certain thing,If you're dead jammy you find it.
If you're good at it keep doing it.If you're fed up go and do something else.
We're really only here to look after the place
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Old 21-05-2004, 09:18   #9
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~ opening credits: Thomas Newman - Main Titles (Scent Of A Woman)
~ waking-up scene: Bangles - Manic Monday
~ average-day scene: Lifehouse - Trying
~ best-friend scene: Oasis - Stand By Me
~ first-date scene: Julie - Shout
~ falling-in-love scene: Roxette - Fading Like A Flower
~ love scene: Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?
~ fight-with-friend scene: Westlife - I Don't Wanna Fight
~ break up scene: Espen Lind and Sissel - Where The Lost Ones Go
~ get-back-together scene: Bryan Adams - Take Me Back
~ fights-at-home scene: John Rzeznik - I'm Still Here
~ 'life's okay' scene: Savage Garden - Affirmation
~ heartbreak scene: Jessica Folker - How Will I Know (Who You Are)?
~ mental-breakdown scene: The Verve - Drugs Don't Work
~ driving scene: Garbo - Driving Miss Mia
~ lesson-learning scene: Good Charlotte - Hold On
~ deep-thought scene: Kashmir - Rocket Brothers
~ flashback scene: Alex Parks - Maybe That's What It Takes
~ party scene: Heather Nova - Heart And Shoulder
~ regret scene: Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
~ happy-dance song: t.A.T.u. - Show Me Love
~ long-night-alone scene: Elliott Smith - Miss Misery
~ closing credits: Christian - Larmende Stilhed

Not all of the songs may be the best choices, but I couldn't think of better options
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Old 21-05-2004, 22:09   #10
Me Am Hulk Me Am Hulk is offline
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~ opening credits: "Breathe Pt. 1 (Speak to Me)" Pink Floyd
~ waking-up scene: "Ugly in the Morning" Faith No More
~ average-day scene: "Five O'Clock World" The Vogues
~ best-friend scene: "You're My Best Friend" Queen
~ first-date scene: "Hey Nineteen" Steely Dan
~ falling-in-love scene: "All The Things She Said" by Mop Top and the Redhead
~ love scene: "The Great Gig in the Sky" Pink Floyd
~ fight-with-friend scene: "Burly Brawl - Matrix Soundtrack" Don Davis
~ break up scene: "(I Hate) Everything About You" Ugly Kid Joe
~ get-back-together scene: "Jealous Guy" sung by Bryan Ferry (Lyrics: Lennon)
~ fights-at-home scene: "Love is a Fist" Mr. Bungle
~ 'life's okay' scene: "Black Cow" Steely Dan
~ heartbreak scene: "Same Old Scene" Roxy Music
~ mental-breakdown scene: "Love Reign O'er Me" The Who
~ driving scene: "Nobody Home" Pink Floyd
~ lesson-learning scene: "Entre Nous" Rush
~ deep-thought scene: "Wondrous Stories" Yes
~ flashback scene: "Whale & Wasp" Alice in Chains
~ party scene: "Omobolasire" Prozzak
~ regret scene: "Jealous Guy (reprise)" sung by Bryan Ferry (Lyrics: Lennon)
~ happy-dance song: "September" Earth, Wind & Fire
~ long-night-alone scene: "Stars" Les Faux Lesbaux
~ closing credits: "Over Now" Alice In Chains

Last edited by Me Am Hulk; 22-05-2004 at 04:24.
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