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The unwanted suprise (content warning)

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The unwanted suprise (content warning)

Well I have never posted anything story wise on this forum but l figure what the hey. The story is about tatu but of couse being a fanfiction- its fake. Also there is laungage and adult contect- and hopefully I wont get in trouble for posting the story- so if its not your thing stop reading now.

"Lena, I don't want to have a birthday party." said the small raven-haired beauty as they walked up the steps leaving downtown metro behind them. Yulia pushed her dark glasses up onto her forehead and glanced at her girlfriend. There was no other word to describe Lena except for "Hot!" Today she had dressed in hip hugger jeans with her usual favorite blue belt sagging low over her pelvic bone. It drove Yulia crazy. She wore a plain black tank top and gray trainers. Her only jewelry was the engagement ring Yulia had given her last week and it made her heart skip a beat every time she saw it on her finger. Unable to help herself, she looped her fingers through Lena's rubbing her thumb across the back of her hand. Lena smiled at Yulia and stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, people in the morning rush crushing them as some muttered obscenities and continued on their way. Lena pulled her arms gently around Yulia and bent her head gently kissing the girl's neck, in between light nuzzles. Yulia sighed and tangled her hair in Lena's curly tresses. Lena gently kissed Yulia's ear, which shivered in delight. Lena parted her mouth whispering hotly into Yulia's ear.
" Volkova, don't be a dumb ass." Yulia jerked back and Lena giggled at Yulia's reaction.
"Shut up Katina!" She said back with a playful growl. Lena laughed again.
"Well, if you would stop doing this every goddamn year. You do the same thing since we became Tatu. We come home for a rest on your birthday and you say you don't want one. I throw you one anyway and we get drunk, have fun and then make love until dawn."
"Well Lenika, that's not my problem. My problem is the other sixty people you always manage to invite!" Lena got a confused look on her face.
"Since when have I ever invited sixty people to go to bed with us? Maybe four or five but..." Yulia flushed as several people on the street stopped and stared at them. Yulia started to laugh, her dark head tilting back. It was so free and pure of emotion that several heads turned to look at the beautiful girl with her red headed companion. Lena somehow always managed to do that. To take her turbulent emotions and make her laugh and smile, no matter the situation. Lena pulled Yulia's hand and started to walk down the sidewalk with Yulia.
"Besides" Lena added" I already set up the party. We are having a swim party at Vanya's estate."
"You mean I have to wear a swimsuit for this damn thing!"
"Not just you Yulia. Me and everyone else as well." Lena said in a seductive purr. Yulia pulled a face. It was more than just the party or her wearing a swimsuit. She just wanted to be alone with Lena. Another thought drifted through her mind of Lena in a swimsuit and she gave an audible shiver. Then it also occurred to her that other people would be able to see Lena as well and that DIDN'T thrill her.

~The following morning~
Yulia sighed.
This morning had been so wonderful. Lena had woken her up, her hands slowly massaging her body, and her gentle kisses, which turned not so tender when she realized that Yulia had awoken. Lena gently kissed her way across Yulia's flat stomach, and finally to her mouth where she gave Yulia a deep lingering kiss. Lena pulled away stroking Yulia's cheek, love written in her eyes.
"Happy birthday." Yulia smiled and kissed the girl back. The deeply loving mood turned playful when Yulia tickled Lena's rib cage.
"So how does it feel to be nineteen and still a virgin?" Lena asked with all seriousness. Sometimes Lena had the most random moods it amazed her as Yulia laughed.
You are honestly one of the sickest people I've ever met!" Lena giggled and buried her head in Yulia's neck, her dark hair shading her face from view. Yulia was struck with a thought.
"Lena are you STILL drunk?" Lena gave a little giggle. Last night they had gone out to eat with Sergi and Sasha and had one too many drinks. Both Sergi and Sasha had to drive the girls home and help them to their apartment as they tried to kiss each other, They had proceeded to get even more drunk throughout the night. And Lena had drunk more than Yulia, which to be honest, everyone knew Lena was a lightweight when it came to drinking by Russian standards. Yulia groaned and struggled to sit up with Lena.
"All right my Lenika, it's time for a shower."
Yulia bit her lip swallowing her laughter as she helped Lena stumble to the bathroom. Lena really was one of the funniest people to watch when drunk - as long as she wasn't doing anything stupid of course. Yulia opened the door and turned on all nine shower heads, the room filling up with steam. Lena climbed into the shower and gave a little yelp as the hot water almost scalded her skin. Yulia laughed and got in after her. Leaning against the wall, she took Lena in her arms and gave her another mind shattering kiss as Yulia's hands tenderly ran up and down the girl's spine, the soaked red curls plastering around Lena's shoulders and molding to her breasts. Lena released a half-moaning sigh and pushed her fingers into Yulia's wet hair slowly massaging the base of her skull, rubbing the silken hairs through her fingers. Lena gave an audible gasp as Yulia's hands slid lower on her body. And for more than half an hour, both were lost in each other's touch.

Yulia snapped the little clip on the front of her pink bikini top and looked at herself in the mirror. She had decided to wear her hot pink top, since it showed off her tan so well. Pulled over the bottom part of the bikini she wore a pair of short denim jeans, the thin straps of pink peaking from the tops of the shorts. Her once more black hair was slicked into a side part and pulled low into clips, since she was going to be in a pool and hot tub all day she really didn't think her spiked hair would work. Lena came into the room in jeans and a white tank top, a huge beach bag in hand.
"Aren't you going to change?" Yulia asked slightly disappointed that she wouldn't get to see Lena in her swimsuit before everyone else. She had gone out shopping two days before saying she needed a new one and had refused to let Yulia see it.
"I already did." Lena said. Every thought driven from her mind as she saw Yulia in her suit.
"My God! " Lena burst out in English
"What? Is something wrong." Lena merely shook her head as she came up behind the dark haired beauty and splayed her hands across her waist as Yulia leaned back against her. Lena smiled at Yulia in the mirror and pushed her hands into the front of Yulia's shorts.
"You know... this reminds me of something." Lena said
" Do you wash your pants in Windex? Because I can see myself in your pants." Lena said softly in a whispered voice. Yulia looked at Lena totally confused by her English.
"What the fuck is Windex?"
"It's a window cleaner." Lena said with a soft laugh. Yulia gave Lena a wicked grin turning in her arms she tackled the girl pushing her back on the bed. Undoing the zip on Lena's jeans. Moaning, Lena put a hand down stopping her.
"Yuli, we can't. We have to get to the party."
"Fuck 'em Lena! I just want you!" Lena gave a small purr and kissed Yulia softly.
"Well Lover, you're just going to have to wait because, I am the hostess and I can't be late nor can the person who the party is for." Yulia gave a pathetic groan of frustration as Lena wiggled off the bed, zipping her pants back up before she reached for Yulia who she had to drag from the apartment to the waiting taxicab downstairs.

Ivan's (or Vanya as Yulia and Lena called him) house was located on the outskirts of a post-housing district. The million dollar homes were done in a wide array of styles and each lawn was bigger than the last with huge fountains, rose gardens, and pools scattered on the ten or more lots. Something only the very elite rich could afford. The car pulled up to a huge American colonial style house with white pillar columns and white sweeping veranda, which had several people in bathing suits milling around. Both girls got out of the cab and Lena was just paying the fare when the front door swung wide open to reveal Ivan. Both girls snorted back their fits of laughter at seeing Ivan. He wore an obnoxious Hawaiian print shirt that was unbuttoned revealing his smooth shaved chest that was whiter than snow and almost blinding. Around his neck his usual six necklaces and religious medallions dangled. But it was the bottom half of Ivan that had the two girls in stitches. Ivan wore neon-Orange Speedos. His thin, white, bony chicken legs protruding below, which were splotched red from the obvious wax job he must have recently gotten. Lena almost stared in horror as Yulia burst out.
"Ivan, what the hell happened to you?" Ivan came down the huge steps a smile on his face.
"Nothing happened to me. I simply shed my clothes for the afternoon." Lena gave Yulia a warning look not to wage war on Ivan although she as well wanted to scream for him to put his clothes back on. He wrapped an arm around each girl, who had to repress a shudder as his bare stomach was revealed even more. He gave Yulia a kiss on each cheek, first followed by Lena. Several people stopped them wanting to wish the birthday girl well who gave a muttered "Thanks" and was beginning to look miserable. Lena pulled out of Ivan's arm and reached for Yulia.
"I'm going to steal her away Ivan so we can go swim for a while." Ivan didn't even answer as he saw a leggy young blonde girl stride past him in a red bikini.
"Well," Lena thought, "Thank God, he hasn't changed THAT much!" Yulia trailed after Lena with dread.

She hated this. She had just wanted to stay home with Lena and celebrate quietly... in bed. Outside the huge French doors at the back of the house and down the stone steps was a huge pool with a waterfall, and rocks on the ledge making it look more like a small lake. Lena gave Yulia a huge smile and dropped her bag on a white cushioned lounge chair. Yulia half-heartedly kicked off her shoes not bothering with the laces, and shimmying out of her shorts. She folded her shorts and put them inside the bag. She was just looking up when she saw Lena's bare legs as she kicked off her pants. The white tank top coming down over the rest of her suit. Yulia held her breath as Lena undid the braid containing her hair and slowly begin to draw up the corners of her swimsuit. Yulia nearly strangled the beach bag she still had in her hands when she saw the black mesh. She nearly screamed when the shirt flew from Lena's body.
" JESUS CHRIST! WHAT THE HELL IS YOU WEARING?" Yulia raged in perfect English. Lena looked down at her one-piece swimsuit. Or what would have been a suit. The entire body of the swim suit was a black filmy cover of sheer mesh, black ribbons crisscrossing over the swell of Lena's breasts and front and back leaving the rest of her curvy body exposed. Yulia was having a heart attack. What was she thinking? Lena gave Yulia a seductive smile as she replied.
"Its part of your birthday present. "Happy Birthday!"

Yulia grabbed Lena and pulled her into the Cabana house shutting the door behind her. She locked an arm around Lena's waist and pulled her roughly to her. Reaching on her tiptoes, she locked her mouth on Lena's who simply returned the welcoming kiss. After several long minutes, a breathing hard Yulia pulled away.
"What...compelled you to wear this?" Yulia asked, her fingers trailing along a ribbon that crisscrossed low across Lena's hipbone and down over her body.
"You." Lena replied simply as she nibbled gently at Yulia's neck
"Hmmm." Yulia purred softly, the tension visibly relaxed. Lena's hands gentle on her body ran up the middle of her clenching stomach and flicked the small clasp holding her top shut. But before either one could respond, the door burst opened, a dark haired boy and a darker haired man in the furrows of passion, kissing. Yulia released a small squeak too startled to do anything as Lena simply watched bemused and slightly interested. The two didn't even notice as the dark haired man pushed the blonde the bed. He was about to pull down his American style swim trucks when a loud scream pierced his ears. He looked up startled to see Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova in shock. Yulia's hands clasped over her breasts.... All four stared in silence. Lena was the first to recover laughing at the whole situation. Twice now, she and Yulia had tried to get away and twice now, something had stopped them. Maybe Yulia was right; they should have stayed home.
"Well It's good to see you again, Sergi…Sasha." Lena spoke cordially as if she were running into old friends at the mall. Both Sasha and Lena broke into perils of laughter, as the two dark headed lovers looked at their significant other, and were not so amused.

The foursome left the cabana and went back into the streaming sunlight. Sergi gave Sasha a smile, then went running off like a five year old and did a cannonball in the middle of the huge pool. Several people around gave him dirty looks for disturbing them with huge splashes of chlorine water. Sasha and Yulia shot evil looks at Lena and grabbed her hands.
"No please guys don't!" Lena twisted and struggled as they hauled the struggling Lena to the side of the pool, and shoved, jumping in beside her.

Breaking the surface of the water, Lena sputtered. Spitting and hissing like a kitten, she pushed Yulia and Sasha off who tried to help her. Lena liked water but she hated getting her face and ears wet. Yulia grabbed Lena's hands and forced them under the water giving her a soft kiss on Lena's pouting mouth.
"You know Yuli, if I didn't love you so much I would kill you." Lena yanked a hand free and brushed the soaked hair from her face, the long curls dripping water across her chest and neck. She felt like a drowned rat. Yulia laughed and started to swim away from Lena, who half-heartedly followed into the shadows of the pool, where it led into a tunnel that was made to look like a cave full of stalagmites. Off to the side of the pool was a large hot tub that bubbled over the side into the water.
Yulia glanced back seeing Lena still swimming after her, being slow on purpose. Yulia gave a mental sigh as she held on to the rim of the hot tub.
"God give me strength!" Yulia half muttered under her breath as Lena finally doggy paddled into the tunnel. Lena leaned on the other side of the wall away from Yulia. Yulia gave a growl and lunged for Lena who ducked under the water trying to avoid her. Frustrated, Yulia dived after her to the bottom of the pool and caught a wealth of weightless red curls. Water and bubbles churned around them as Lena's mouth came down on Yulia's. Eyes open, both saw each other in a new light in the underwater sanctuary they had created. It lasted only seconds before they both burst sharply from the surface of the water panting as they clung to the side of the hot tub. After several deep breaths, Yulia stood on the steps that led to the hot tub and linked fingers through Lena's pulling her into the hot steamy water, which was churned by powerful jets. Lena sunk down onto one of the benches, the water coming just a little over her waist, as she pulled Yulia onto her lap, Yulia's calves wrapping around Lena's waist as she settled herself.
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"So are you having a good birthday party so far?" Yulia laughed as she put her arms around Lena's neck, and gazed intensely into the green orbs.
"I have so far, but might I point out that we haven't seen anyone for longer than ten seconds, before I try dragging you off again." Lena gave a soft giggle and slowly ran her fingers down Yulia spine and small waist. Her hands slid lower to her waist and pushed her fingers through the thin straps on her bikini, and slowly pulling them lower.
Yulia's hips bucked impatiently against the slow, rhythmic motions of Lena's hand and she buried her face in her lover's damp red hair, whimpering softly. She knew just how to drive Yulia crazy, slipping inside for a few deep, curling strokes before withdrawing to draw maddening circles around her clit. She dug her fingers into Lena's shoulders and whispered urgently,
"Lenika, don't tease."
Lena leaned back to gaze innocently at the dark-haired girl. Yulia's skin was flushed and her half closed eyes looked almost black in the dim, cavern-like alcove. Her chest moved with short, jerking breaths as Lena suddenly increased her pace, her fingertips sliding in firm, quick strokes.
"Oh fuck...Lena..." She bit her lip as she felt herself going over the edge, clutching the redhead's shoulders so tightly she was sure to leave marks. Just as the first spasms began to shake Yulia's slender frame, Lena stopped her motions. She nipped softly on the tender flesh behind Yulia's ear and felt her lover jump.
Yulia buried her face against Lena's neck and released a frustrated groan.
" can be such a bitch...please..." She could feel Lena smirk against her damp cheek and the fingers trapped beneath the thin fabric of her pink bikini gave a small twitch, making Yulia's body shudder. Lena leaned back once again to meet her tortured lover's eyes and this time placed a lingering, tender kiss upon her mouth. Without breaking their kiss, she lifted Yulia and pressed her back against the rough wall of the alcove. She deepened the kiss, possessively claiming the smaller girl as she once again began moving relentlessly inside her. Yulia wrapped her legs around Lena's hips, a series of throaty
moans getting lost in their kisses as Lena used two and then three fingers to finally drive her over the edge. She buried her face against Lena's shoulder and cried out softly, digging her nails into the redhead's freckled back.
Lena gentled her kisses and her hand, stroking slowly in time with the aftershocks rolling through her lover. She stroked the hopelessly messy mop of wet black hair off of Yulia's brow and almost laughed when dazed blue eyes fluttered open to meet hers. The redhead cupped Yulia's face in her hands and kissed her once more before pushing off from the wall with her feet and backstroking out of their hidden alcove with a mischievous grin.

Yulia restrained from covering her ears as people sang half of "Happy Birthday" in English and the other half in Russian. Lena stood by Yulia who sat in a chair as Ivan came through the crowd wearing only the orange Speedo that made everyone want to gouge their eyes out with spoons. In his arms was one of the biggest cakes Yulia had ever seen. Across it "Happy Birthday Yulia" was written in several different languages, hidden by small candied flowers. Yulia leaned forward and blew out all of the candles in four hard puffs just wanting to get this over with. A general applause filled the air and Ivan began hacking into the cake with a knife. Yulia pressed her thumb and forefinger to the bridge of her nose hiding her laugh. Lena slid onto the girl's lap and Yulia smiled. Ivan flung his knife back and several globs of huge white frosting landed in Lena's hair and on Yulia's neck. Lena wanted to scream. The frosting was matting into her wet hair as Yulia tried to "help" get it out. Ivan continued to cut the cake not even noticing.
"Yulia! Stop!" Several heads turned expecting to see nude bodies or at the very least hands where they didn't belong and the look of disappointment on their faces was comical. Lena pressed her flushed face against Yulia's neck laughing. While Yulia who was choking with laughter, hiccuped, trying to catch her breath. Ivan not being the most balanced person in the world turned around two plates in his hands. Several people gasped as cake flew from the china plates onto Lena's lap, coating her new AX suit in sickly sweet white icing, raspberry, and chocolate cake. The entire room stood in horror as Yulia laughed.
" God." Lena said pushing the cake from her lap. Yulia started to laugh again as Lena shot her a nasty stare. Yulia smiled back sweetly but was soon covered in cake as well as Lena rubbed the smug look off her face. Yulia screamed and started grabbing Lena's hands that had a firm grip over Yulia covering her in icing and bits of cake. People around them smiled at the loving couple and laughed as the hysterical Yulia bucked trying to unseat Lena. Lena stopped and gasped as Yulia's hand went *splat* across her ass, covering her with a huge glob of white frosting.
Lena looked up at Yulia and the joking mood faded from Yulia's eyes as she rubbed a bit of frosting off from Lena's face that was close to her eye, and gently lowered her head giving her a soft kiss. Lena smiled against her lover's mouth and tangled her cake-covered fingers into the short black hair. There was an audible cough and Yulia broke the kiss looking up to see Ivan's grinning face.

Upstairs in the huge shower of Ivan's bathroom, the girls got most of the cake and frosting off. Lena gave Yulia a long lingering kiss. Using the tip of her tongue, she flicked it gently across the slit of Lena's mouth, parting it and softly stroking it against the roof of her mouth. Lena gave a soft, pleading whimper and tangled her hands around the smaller woman, hip against hip. Lena broke the kiss and pulled away.
"Not here." Yulia nodded in understanding, still wearing their suits they wrapped a towel around each other and crept down the huge hallway trying to find a room so out of the way and unknown no one would think of walking in. Gripping the door handle on the small TV room Ivan had that was more the size of a walk in closet but had a huge cushy leather couch in, she pushed the door open. What both girls saw was ingrained into their minds for eternity.
Ivan looked up from were he was standing, His orange Speedos around his ankles and the blonde kneeling in front of him. The blonde had shed her micro-top and Ivan's hand was feeling up the silicon-filled Barbie boobs.
Horrified, Yulia clutched the door and slammed it shut, feeling sick. Lena covered her face with her hands and she was screaming.
"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" She started walking down the hallway away from Yulia, almost in shock. Yulia ran after Lena catching up to her.
"Can we PLEASE go home now? Lena didn't reply still too in shock
"OH MY GOD!" Yulia put a comforting arm around Lena and began leading her downstairs to get their stuff.
"I'll take that as a yes!"

Yulia stuck her key into the door of their apartment, and waited as the still semi-shocked Lena came down the long hallway, dragging the bag behind her, as she tried to sort out all that she had seen. Yulia repressed a grin. "Are you okay Lenika?" Lena gave a faint nod and trudged past her, opening the door. Yulia stepped in the large room with vaulted ceilings and gasped. The entire house had been transformed. Tied to the beams in the exposed rafters hung large stars that lit from the inside, casting shadows across the wall. Large tapered vanilla candles sat and filled every available space - Yulia's head was reeling from the Lena scent. The furniture was pushed back against several walls and the floor was covered with rose petals reaching up to Yulia's ankles. She looked around the empty space but Lena was gone.

"Just stay there a minute, there should be something to drink in the fridge."
Yulia, still too stunned to question anything, trudged to the kitchen and opened the doors. The large capacity fridge that once held everyday useful items was bare except for excessive amounts of vodka, champagne, wine and any other alcohol it seemed Lena could get her hands on, as well as chocolate-covered strawberries and sushi.
"When did she do this?" Yulia asked as she opened the whiskey bottle and took a big swallow. Closing the door, she almost sputtered the expensive drink when she saw Lena. Her red hair had been combed out, still damp around her shoulders and clinging to her neck. Clinging to her body was a long gold chain that sunk low between her breasts hiding in the folds of what she wore. She had shed the swimsuit and was now dressed or rather undressed in a white men's dress shirt, the collar crunched up and gaping open. The only thing that kept it from slipping from Lena's silken skin was one button...Just. One. Button. Yulia's eyes locked on the white little disk, almost willing it to fall through the hole. On Lena's feet were tall black spiked heels, the small leather straps tied around her delicate ankle.

"When did you do all of this."
"I arranged it, and picked everything out, but it was someone else who set it up." She crossed the space separating them, her black heels clicking purposely on the hard wood floors. Yulia felt her heart jump as she saw the fabric of the shirt pull slightly open revealing the flat taut stomach and a flash of thigh. Yulia was forced to tilt back her head as Lena towered over her. Lena stepped closer and bent her head softly kissing Yulia. Yulia moaned, finally getting what she wanted for her birthday. She pushed her hands around the girl's waist and pulled Lena roughly to her. Using the tip of her tongue, she stroked Lena's mouth roughly, whose mouth softly parted meeting Yulia's tongue. For several minutes, they were blinded to each other as Yulia's hands wandered over and under the shirt of Lena's full curvy body. Sick of it, she pulled the fabric, the button popping from the thread and rolling across the floor, as Yulia's hands shoved the offending garment to the floor. She paused when her hand slid onto something. She kissed Lena one last time before pulling back. On the chain was a small ring. Yulia studied it trying to figure out why Lena would wear it. It looked very familiar but... not. She swallowed back her tears. It was an engagement ring just like what Yulia had given Lena. The small gold band glimmering, set in the middle was a round cut, a pale emerald- Yulia gazed up at Lena- it matched her eyes. "There is an inscription"
Yulia gazed down at the inside of the ring. In it was engraved in Lena's unmistakable handwriting the word "Mine" in Russian. Lena pushed her fingers into Yulia's belt loop and jerked her closer; taking the ring she slid it onto Yulia's ring finger and kissed her. Yulia's hands tangled into the red tresses pulling her down lower, feeling her body absorb everything the other was feeling; the connection flowing between the two. Grasping her hand, Yulia started to pull Lena into the bedroom. Lena pulled her back whispering softly into her ear.
"I love you so much. Happy Birthday Yulia."
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This story rocks.

Thanks setsuna22,
I hope u post more story's on this board.
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I like this one!

One small mistake you might want to fix. When the guys burst in on Lena and Yulia, they go from both having dark one being a both having dark hair again.

But don't feel bad. In one of my fics the character changed sexes in one paragraph. Lol!

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haven't seen you in awhile - glad to see you've posted this, i've always liked this story.

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nice one set...
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Wow! This is so awesome! And so romantic how Lena gave that ring to Julia awww.
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i love this fic!
awesome, really awesome!

i hope you post more of your work in the near future.
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