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Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe View Post
The album is out on Monday and maybe I'm expecting too much but I think it's going to be great. The samples on Amazon are great.
It's turning out to be one of the rare no-skip-albums, judgiing from the samples. I've ordered on amazon. 9.99 in some exotic currency unit, sounds cheap. Had to snap at the chance! I'm going to be the one and only guy in my town having a CD from a girlgroup from the island beneath the island.
Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe View Post
The British press are fucking retarded with their incessant nastiness and are judging them for who they are and who they are related to...
I remember the time when the movie 'Barbarella' came out. The critics dragged it through the mud, forwards and backwards. Today it's cult. Times never change, acceptance is very low for something not so common until people have learned to live with it.
Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe View Post
I want an Irish accent!
I fear I wouldn't understand a word. Perhaps they should try to sing (Gaelic) Irish. I bet you and me are even then. ->
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