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Originally Posted by FiorE View Post
... I think temnikova had issues with olga and fadeev... it´s so clear.
Fadeev, of course, with Olga not. She seems to be very upset about this and refuses to talk about the situation. The fact is that Fadeev forced Lena to fulfill her contract a few years ago. The seven years are over in December, so she's free. Maybe Fadeev thought that she would get over it and continue, but this February she announced her leave.

I don't know if the Instagram message is genuine - the management immediately denied its authenticity - but it may give us some clues about what happened.
7 лет. Не верится! За все это время произошло столько перемен. Прошли все. И огонь, и воду, и медные трубы. Но сейчас все идеально! Мы счастливы. У нас есть вы, без которых ничего бы не было. Все понимаю. Но и вы поймите, я вынуждена уйти из группы именно в этот момент. Извините. Я не являюсь солисткой группы Serebro. Знаю. Подвела. Но как Serebro было, так оно и останется. Вы всегда будете в моем сердце! Спасибо за все

7 years Unbelievable. All this time so many changes happened. We went through everything. Fire, water, copper pipes (rem: Russian proverb, similar to 'going through thick and thin). But now everything is perfect. We are happy. We have you, without whom nothing would have happened. I understand this all, but you have to understand as well, that I was forced to leave the group exactly at this moment. Forgive me. I am no more member of the group Serebro. I know, I have induced it. But Serebro will remain as it has been. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for everything
Fadeev probably talked Nastya into returning to the group (maybe until he finds a new girl...on the other hand Nastya has been his favourite), and when he got her compliance, he fired Lena.

If we dare interprete the last artistic work of Serebro as an analogue to the situation in the group, then we might easily come to the conclusion that there was no problem between the girls and that the outcome was against their will. Olga wrote the lyrics after all, and the alternative video clip shows the same picture.

Members of girlgroups have always their rivalry, but there was never a hint that there would be bad vibes between Olga and Lena. In the last year Lena let Olga become the lead girl more and more, without fighting it. She knew that she would leave and even helped her to become the star of the group. In the end it was Fadeev who didn't like the idea of a Serebro being indulged in a ten months long farewell scene, and he pulled the ripcord.
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