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katbeidar, thank you. Things looks very stressful there now.

The reason of the girls want an annulment of the contract is because their producer does not follow what they agreed upon in the contract:

1) He doesn't want to sign a contract with Universal or any other records company to sell the albums.
2) He doesn't norificate the girls regularly about their earning, and doesn't pay them regularly either.
.. why doesn't he?

Shaps calls the girls. Julia ignores the call. She walks around the apartment in her underpants, showing Masky her slippers, then her bedding, then swearing to her dad (?).

Lena answers the call, but refuses to "sing" as he suggests, reminding him of the notification.
- this scene... were Yulia and Yulia's father and Lena at same place (apartment) that time?
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