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Originally Posted by fanoff View Post
what are the chances of our Lena and Yulia to get as big as t.A.T.u.?
In showbiz nothing is impossible. Keeping that in mind, my answer is a confident "No". Times are bad for beginning a new project. Both don't have a team which can establish them in the Russian market, the fan-base, though strong in it's quality, isn't that big in numbers. If you want to start a successful project you have to be in one of the famous production centers or have an excellent PR manager (and that's exclusively women for some reason). Another way may be in the Moscow party scene, if you put all your eggs on dance music.

Tatu has done everything to displease the media, so neither Lena nor Yuliya can hope for assistance from that side. And anyway. A year of independent bumbling about is over and absolutely nothing is the result of it. No song, no gig, no PR activity...If you don't move, you fall back. I didn't see real activity from the girls since January 2007 - that's three years, wasted years. As solo artists I don't see any chance for them, together as tatu, with the backbone of their fan community, they may reach again the second league of Russia's music scene, if they turn down pseudo alternative ambitions and find the language of their target audience, and of course active PR.
Originally Posted by sakuya
There is also potap and nastya kamenskih Theyre quite huge.
In Ukraine they are absolutely on the top. I don't know how's the situation in Russia, they have really many things running in their home country, so I'm not sure if they even have time to care for the Russian market.
Originally Posted by sakuya
P.S Cheap russian lady gaga wanna be katya razumova EWWW.
Another new project from Maks Fadeev. All of a sudden every producer wants to create a pop satire project. I think it can only work if the stars have a certain kind of virtuosity (not only musically), as Lady Gaga has. Svetlana Loboda from Ukraine shows something like that for years and probably she is the only one in the Russian speaking East so far, who is good at that.

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