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Death and Birth of Group "Tatu" // Interesting insight: How Tatu will exist w/o J & L

You are free to Copy & Paste this article as you please. It's not like I translate for leechers [people who like to copy stuff to other forums/sites, may you be damned]. I translate for members and myself.

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Death and Birth of Group "Tatu"
[I highlighted some stuff which is really GOOD. The whole articles is good, but some of you may not have patience to go through the whole thing, so, read the highlights.]

Once upon a time Ivan Shapovalov decided to create a pop-group Tatu. Ivan Nikolaevich [Ivan’s middle name – Kate.], found the vocals, found the money for the first music video, mixed it all together, made some magical tricks only he alone know – and took over the world. Everything that happened afterwards is known to everybody – even those that never took interest in pop-music and couldn’t tell apart Jasmine from Alsou, and Madonna from Britney Spears. Tatu became the first Russian duo to achieve the world wide success, and the fact guarantees them a respectable place in the history. After the fact of the birth of the phenomenon was fixated, and Tatu took the full advantage that “200km/h in the Wrong Lane” (which is a masterpiece according to Alla Pugacheva and ‘frozen” punk-rockers themselves), reporters and the show-offs of pop-culture started to discuss the future of this bizarre, never before seen “organism”, which was controlled by soft to the core “anti-producer”. According to the contract with Universal Musiс Russia, the second album of the group will be ready on the 14th of March, 2004. Three months before the due date, the preparations for the interesting (although not original) show in the studio of “Podnebesnaya” began – the recording of the second album in front of the cameras. One and half months before the dead-line not even one song was recorded for the new album – the occupants of Podnebesnaya were too busy engaging in philosophical discussions. And on the 6th of February, the singers of the duo, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, announced to Ivan Nikolaevich that there are leaving the group. Quite a situation.

Of course, Tatu surprised everyone yet again. The falling apart of the group almost on live television – the world, it seems, has never seen anything like this. Although, in itself, what happened to the duo is no big deal. Young and passionate, Julia and Lena made a big mistake – they voluntarily gave up the mightiest brand in Russian after just getting used to it. By themselves as the singers they are nothing. There are more then enough 19 year old girls in our country that can sing. Julia has problems with vocal chords, she is hysterical and unpredictable – it’s doubtful that anyone will want to do anything with her. Lena, on the other hand, is too soft and too shy, not to mention the fact that she is not a model. To sum it all up, the vocals of Tatu (now, most likely, ex-vocals) will most likely never interest us as pop-singers. More interesting, though, is what Shapovalov is planning to do, – it was obvious during the TV broadcasting, that as a result of the fact that the girls left him, Ivan Nikolaevich was very lost. It is understandable, he is the one who will have to deal with the money aspect of things. He will have to give answers to Universal, give answer to STS, give answers to tens of millions of Tatu fans in the world.

But it seems that Ivan was lost for a short time. He is famous for creating culture in the moment of time, without studying market prices, strategic planning, or consultation with expects. In one of the interviews the following was made up: the album will contain 12 songs, which will be performed by different people, thanks to the fact that there are a lot of people wanting to replace Tatu, and the vocal and artistic requirements for the wannabees are not high. So basically Ivan solved the problem for himself, now he will make up some long, logical explanations of his decision. Such decision can also satisfy Universal Music: the album will say “Tatu”, and who’s singing is case #80 [meaning no one cares who is singing – Kate]. This is show-business.

The only two things that will cause some set-backs are concerts and video-clips. The audience is used to Julia and Lena, it is harder to substitute their appearance with someone else, then to substitute their voices. But video can be made with parts of old videos, as to the concerts, Tatu rarely gave them, and most likely never will in the future.

So, nothing really happened to group Tatu. For example in group “Blestyaschie” [Russian pop-group – Kate] not one member is left from the times the group started. In “Via Gra” only one member is left from the beginning, and even she is not the key player. This is not stopping the groups from feeling good, and even gaining popularity. I have no reason to think that something extraordinary happened to Tatu. If Shapovalov will want the group to continue existing, it will exist. And it is even possible that it’ll be better then before (knocks on wood). The questions is, will Shapovalov want it to. Even though I met Ivan a few times, I am not an expert in his psyche. I cannot say whether Tatu is the project of his life, or whether he walks through life laughing. I can say one thing with a good portion of confidence: Shapovalov obviously got lucky with Tatu. Even ignoring the separate ingenious tricks (like the famous phrase on the T-shirts), it is impossible to predict such success alone is impossible in the current mass-culture. And since the phenomenon of Tatu is relying of the luck of it’s creator, I won’t be waiting for any deliberate promotional plans from him. In the case of Shapovalov you have to rely on his luck and sixth-sense, and not on the production or marketing genius. Then everything will work out.

”I am not group ‘Tatu’”, – said Shapovalov in the finale of “Tatu in Podnebesnaya”. Personally I don’t believe his announcement.

Maksim Kononenko

Translated by katbeidar for


Hope you enjoyed, and will share some views, not just "thank you for the translation, Kate".

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