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When i was in like 3rd grade, i got one of those abrigded books and was hideously angered when i discovered i hadn't read the whole thing. I prompted went to the library and got the real book and the comparison was so much that i couldn't believe other kids were pulled into them. That was Alice in Wonderland.

Strange of me, i've always hated the abrigation of books [ and re-editing of films... ]. The Animated Disney Feature Films are a passion of mine [i own them all... all 42 or so ] and i HATE those dumb sequels [don't own any of them, they don't count towards the list ]

In fact, a sequel to Snow White was planned, but a petition was placed on-line promptly and successfully ended those plans.

Children don't have good books anymore. I remember being red the "The Bunny that wished for red wings [ i think that was the title] " and all those Silvestine books, Falling Up, they were just plain good. My sister read to me the original Aesop Fables, Grimm Fairy tales and those of Hans Christian Anderson...

Ask a kid 2 years younger than me, and they would have never heard of it

Lenochka0, you were given your degree by Peter Ustinov?! Wow! he was great....
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