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Originally Posted by la aurora View Post
Marina is different... I'd say she's more mature, polite and condifent in some femenine way.
What a feat, she is almost two years older than Lena!
Originally Posted by coolasfcuk
where is Marina from?
She's American, the older sister of the Olson - twins!
Originally Posted by la aurora
Post-FZ girlfriends
Nastya [1] [2] Now this is the girl Lena's been attending every party and show with lately.
Sometimes I am really slow lately. So this Nastya Sinel'schikova is Lena's best friend, the sister of Igor' Sinel'schikov, the supposed boyfriend of Temnikova, both of them children of Larisa Sinel'schikova, who happens to be the wife of Konstantin Ernst, the director general of 'Pervij Kanal', the channel, which decided, who was going to the ESC. Mmmmh, yeah...I bet we have a happy family, who is very pleased with Lena's success.

I can read your thoughts! NO, daddy Konstantin had nothing to do with the channel's decision to send Tem 'n' Co, sorry Serebro, to the ESC, NOTHING!

By the way, huge thanks for your translations, la aurora!
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