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Originally Posted by la aurora View Post
Isn't that something like my N3 or N3 + a bit of N2 mixed in?
Not quite, more a N3 with some androphoby, but no homosexuality.

Originally Posted by la aurora View Post
Why do you equal childishness and unprofessionalism?
That's a thing of definition. To be childish is a sign of a regression to an earlier behaviour and often contradicts with responsibility (and therefore to professionality, too). Being childlike means conserving the child in us, and that's essentional for an artist, not to give up the view and feeling of a child, and this is absolutely professional, even if it means that sometimes you make yourself ridiculous. There is a fine line though and some artists definitely didn't get it ( Michael Jackson).

So far I haven't seen much of her, only a few appearances at FZ and the ESC coverage, not enough to have a firm opinion, but what I saw is, that she can use her emotions quite consciously and sometimes even observes the effectiveness on the audience. Hard to decide whether everything is real emotion or just pretending.

I just read that a singer called Nikolaj Noskov told media that Serebro didn't sing themselves on ESC, but the back-vocalists probably sang their parts. I didn't expect that the 'biting in the others's calf' would begin so early. Ok, now we know what for the background singers were.
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