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Miusha About the album “Strings Theory”
Meet - long awaited debut album of the act Miusha finally came into being. Released in April 2008 “Strings Theory” became a debut album not only for the musicians but also for the new Russian label Airobica Records that joined under its wings up-to-date electronic acts of Russia aimed to the international music market. Without doubt the album produced by the famous Russian sound-producer Andrey Samsonov is in with the chance of becoming number one electronic release of 2008 in Russia. The mastering of the record was implemented on the famous London studio The Exchange, the one where the albums of Bjork, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers where tuned. Natalya Nekrasova aka Miusha shares her thoughts about this debut work…

About beauty
My album “Strings Theory” is about beauty. About the beauty of the magic world of sound – the most ideal and wonderful of the worlds, penetrated with love and calm reminding us that we are not alone in the Universe. This record is about the beauty that surrounds us, that can bring both joy and pain, but the beauty that for sure saves the World.

About the way
This is the first album and that’s why very important for me. It includes the songs that I’ve composed since my study at Gnesiny Academy when I decided that my solo project would be the way it is. That was 5 years ago. At that time I was taking my first steps in electronic music and my head was stuffed with diverse sketches awkwardly transferred into computer. Since that time I’ve made a long way both in music and life. All these 11 songs reflect the music of my soul that I made material having learnt a lot. And the sound producer Andrey Samsonov helped me to make it the way it is.

About eclectics
To my mind the album turned out to be very eclectic – some songs are close to pop music like "Out of mind", "Strings theory", some tracks are experimental having sophisticated harmonies and assonances close to classical music like "12", "DNA", “Salted ice". The record also contains lyric, trip-hop tunes like "Windy song" and "Spiders", dance tracks composed in deep house - "Aquarell", "Zaza". But as a whole the album “Strings Theory” is a dance one borderline with pop music but at the same time it’s very private. It’s multilayer nature incorporates a number of diverse music tendencies and moods that were akin to me at some periods of my life. I would say that this is eclectics of my soul expressed in music.

About the title
The title of the album “Strings Theory” reflects the multilayer nature of the album – it’s a kind of play on words.. Strings theory is a physics theory stating that the whole world consists of tiny bits – the so called “strings”. At the same time strings theory is a theory of music beauty, strings of music instruments. In general this album comprises a lot of music ideas and this is very valuable and important: in a song music is always primary for me – it allows to express what can’t be described in words – the real human soul.

About influences
The tracks of the album “Strings Theory” were composed under the influence of such beloved artists as Moloko and Bjork on the one hand and works of such composers as Debussy and Ravel – on the other. At present I would call this production un-to-date, stylish and beautiful, worthy to be placed on the same music shops’ shelves with the records of Moloko - "I am not a doctor", Bjork - "Homogenic" and Massive Attack - "Mezzanine".

“I believe that my album will be estimated by everybody who is not indifferent to the beautiful, outstanding and sincere. ”

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