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Guess the Picture Game

So, let’s try to make this funny. Let’s take a photo (including a hidden message) related to tatu. Choose any episode of their lifes, interests, performances, videos, songs, rumours, and make the other members guess what it is about. This game doesn’t consist only in guessing, but also posting more pictures to guess.

Rules; the pictures must not be saved from any tatu material, I mean videos, performances, press. It could make the game easier.

I recommend you not to answer at a member’s first try, u can some clues if no one answers. And finally, make your picture the most challenging as possible. Ready?...

CLUE;;;; tatu videos!

1. Female Hero

2. Nick

3. Control


5. Horses

6. Phone (tatu song)

7. gaturro

8. Glasses

9. CD ; in fact this is about a song (lyrics) from Lyudi Invalidy

10. Sun

CLUE!; Number 2 and Number 10 belong to the same vid


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