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think it's unlikely the girls will succeed if they go on with solo careers. I don't think so.
But if they keep singing together, and THE SAME STYLE of music they did before, I don't see why not having success - even if under a different name. And I'm sure they've learned a lot of tricks from Ivan on how to get attention.
I agree with haku, the project wasn't going anywhere, everything was going too slow with Ivan - and you can't be slow in the music industry, especially after you had a lot of success, you just have to take that success and turn it into more success quickly and stay on top. I mean, I remember the girls saying, when they were in the US promo tour, that they were already recording their new album in Moscow back then. That is in February 2003 - they only started to record the album a year later, and still in a very slow and chaotic atmosphere. And while losing time without releasing any new material, they (well, Ivan!) made the girls look like clowns because of so many ridiculous 'scandals' and PR stunts.