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I sort of agree. I feel horrible to say that after a while, the faces of Yulia and Lena will fade away if they continue with other producers(in other words, their initial spark won't be as present). No one seems to understand that what Ivan did to make Tatu popular wasn't just simple marketing and PR that anyone else can do. Ivan can only tell why Tatu was so popular and their music is so addictive and hypnotic. It wasn't as much luck and good timing as it was using what he knows best(psychology). No other Russian producers can just pick up Yulia and Lena and have the same success.

If it is true that Ivan has five other projects, he should not continue Tatu under new people. It would be best if he just fiddled around with the image of the other artists to fill in where Yulia and Lena left off. I also believe Yulia and Lena made a big mistake IF they have actually left Ivan (and this isn't just psychologically induced confusion). It will be very sad if the two people closest to the man didn't even realize the reality of their success.

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