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Wow...that was a great article. Especially the last sentence. Very cool.

I'm starting to think this way too. Many bands go through transformations and I'm sure their fans say "oh, nothing will ever be the same..." and now look at a band like Destiny's Child that is even bigger than before. But it's difficult to imagine Tatu without Lena and Yulia. Tatu's image wasn't of a band, but of two girls in "love." The whole image was manipulated around them. That's why it is hard to move on to new faces. Something just won't feel the same. I'd rather have Tatu be over than to include new people.
I think the article is right, Ivan is Tatu. He has so much input and so many ideas. As much as I dislike him for his strange attitude and lack of skills, I am interested in his creativity. I don't mind a Podnebesnaya CD of many "Ivan" artists because I like his work.
What also struck me is the bit about Lena and Yulia making a dumb desicion, which I think it is. Solo careers seem uncertain. I don't think anyone really cares about Lena or Yulia (apart from us), but people care about "Tatu". It's all or nothing.
It also disappoints me to see how easily Lena and Yulia gave it up. So much for fighting through struggles and having courage. I don't know, maybe they will stick together as Tatu and Ivan will be fired....but why not stick it out? The band is also their creation and their effort. I would feel like I have a duty to work it out, because it's my band. I guess they don't feel the same.

oh, and thanks for the translation
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