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Originally posted by nikki
Is Yulia still smoking ?!
Yulia said in the chat that she gave up smoking.

Yulia Volkova: Quit smoking! I, for example, have given up already!!!
Lena Katina: [Regarding] Smoking: I am going to give up, but I haven't done it yet. But you should all quit! As someone who smokes, I beg you to give up.
Translation by elf from
Originally posted by nikki
I do hope everything goes OK for them but it's not looking good.
We haven't seen the episode yet, haven't even read a detailed summary. So we can't really say. All I get from the few bits and pieces flying around is that they are indeed working on the album. And Lena said in the chat on Thursday: "Lena Katina: (...) 'New album is coming soon!!!!' "