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I'm still not sure how all of you know that they do *NOT* have anything recorded.. I don't think that they had been lying when they were saying in the past that they were recording because they obviously at least recorded Nich'ya..which we knew nothing about.

and honestly I think that Yul just has a cold. Plus the RS is as much done to show how disfunctional they are as the doc was. So seeing something work and positive in there would either mean that Manski didn't direct it or armageddon is near.

anway yul get better soon.
everyone I know is sick as well right now so I'm not that surprised at her having a cold.

EDIT: I read on that a lot of people on the podnebesnaya forums were happy about how Ivan behaved in the latest episode. They said he was calm and rational during the recording process. They loved Lena's singing. They disliked Katya Nechayeva promoting herself in there. Thanks to elf for the info.
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