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Originally posted by QueenBee
Lol what's up with all this Swedish talk? :P #7 is pronounced something like hwu.. Uh. yeah.. But depends on what accent I think the "h" in your name Hristina is pronounced like the "sj" in "sju" and then it's just "wu".. hwu..
awww, excuse my o.t., but I have to comment, he he

Queenie, I'm learning swedish .... and NO, that "sj" is not exactly like my Hristina... booo... any even with the other accent...when it's pronaunced kind of like 'sh'...I still can't say it right! ... but I am trying really hard, he he... 'Hhhwu' ...'Shhwu' ...ja ja ja

thanks for trying to explain though
oh... o!
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